Here Is What the Cancelled Version of Doom 4 Looked Like

The new Doom game will be revealed in about a month, and today a number of screenshots from the cancelled version of Doom 4 got revealed.

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ATi_Elite1037d ago

Just want to thank another game company for completely wasting time and money. Goes to show you why this crap was not shown at Quake Con.

Many may disagree but Doom 4 needs to be given to Cliffy B. as he is a developer that currently understands what Doom is all about and knows how it should be done.

R.I.P. to another classic,historic,and genre defining franchise that made video games what they are today

shloobmm31037d ago

uhh this is old cancelled doom footage not the new Doom game being shown at E3.

BlackWolf121037d ago

Uhhhhh no. Cliffy B can stay the he'll away from Doom and ANY future AAA title. That guy has lost touch with the gaming industry.

MonsterChef1037d ago

Umm cliffy b stop caring the second GeoW made it big, I remember seeing interviews with him pre GeoW release and then a year later completely different completely douche showing up in a lambo and leather jacket had a Dane cook smug to him

DefenderOfDoom21037d ago (Edited 1037d ago )

Maybe Cliffy B would be good for the multiplayer side of DOOM. But i would love to see John Romero and Sandy Pederson make twisted non linear levels for the new DOOM game . But of course neither would happen .

Now that the Wolfenstein New Order DLC OLD BLOOD is done . I would love see Machine Games help ID SOFTWARE finish the new DOOM game . They both work under the ZENIMAX/BETHESDA umbrella .

Yeah, it would be awesome if they just added BRUTAL DOOM as a bonus when you buy the new DOOM game . It has never been available on consoles .

Revolver_X_1037d ago


I completely agree. Machine Games knows what they're doing.

Summons751036d ago

Ugh, Cliffy B is the LAST person I want touching a classic franchise. Unreal Tournament says hello to how badly he Fs things up.

This is not the new Doom, this was a nightmare that deserved to be cancelled. New Doom is going to be like Classic Doom which is amazing in and of itself.

super_bruno1036d ago

This screenshots has that Gears of War look. One would think Cliffy B was involved.

N4g_null1036d ago

This looks like a movie.... doom player don't want a movie wtf... Doom is about shooting and surviving... ummmm hell. not a bunch of sad face people, that are render pretty well.

Im really getting tired of video games becoming an indie movie dumping ground. if you didn't make the ip leave it along.

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deadpoolio3161037d ago

Ummmm your joking right cause a portal opening on earth sounds a hell of a lot better than when we get another lame ass portal on Mars...Like we need another sequel like Doom 3 that is basically just the first 2 games retold with pretty graphics...Oh but wait people like to cry when anyone tries something different, we really do need more of that generic as hell Doom set on generic Mars AGAIN

TheCommentator1036d ago

Yes, Doom 3 was a remake of the first Doom. Doom 2 takes place on Earth however, not Mars, so Doom 4 is technically a remake of Doom 2.

On a side note, Rage was not only a graphics experiment, but an experiment in open world gaming for Id. If Doom 4 is able to eliminate the issues that held back Rage from being a huge success, it will be fantastic when it ships.

ZaWarudo1037d ago


I hope Doom 4 will be like Brutal Doom

MrDead1037d ago (Edited 1037d ago )

I love Brutal Doom, the team who worked on it did something amazing that I though wasn't possible, they were able to improve the original game! I know saying that is blasphemous but the people who’ve played it know that it’s true, even John Romero has given them praise.

Here's a link to the Brutal Doom site:

NiteX1037d ago

Looks like CoD: Apocalypse.

Deividas1037d ago

haha damn! I was actually just thinking...looks like a COD game...had to look at the comments to see if anyone else thought that! Put a smile on my face!

MilkMan1037d ago

Didn't look bad, looks pretty good actually (at least the CGI stills did), but it didn't "feel" like Doom. Lets see what ID has up their sleeves this E3.

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