Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Review - Definitive Version to Experience the World of Spira | COG

COG Writes: "Our resident Final Fantasy fan takes on this remaster of a remaster and comes out alive to tell you what she thought of it. In a nutshell, this is the definitive version of the two games."

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kaizokuspy1073d ago

Here is my issue in buying this. I bought ff 10 remastered hd whatever on the ps3. They release the same remaster for ps4 but add 10-2 to the mix to increase its price and to block me from upgrading my old version just for $5. I love the series, but am off put by that one thing.

Asuka1073d ago

ummm, it's the exact same release. All versions come with 10/10-2. PS vita version came with 10-2 via digital download. But yeah i do think the current gen versions are like $10 more simply because its on current gen.

kaizokuspy1073d ago

What I meant was if I bought it on ps3 last year, why can't I just upgrade for $5 to the next gen version. They let me do it for minecraft, but not this game. That's what I meant.

Kurisu1073d ago

Like Asuka said, the PS3, Vita and PS4 versions *all* come with FFX-2.

kaizokuspy1072d ago

I think I replied at the wrong spot earlier, but what I meant was, I bought it digitally on my ps3 last year, so why can't I just download it on my ps4 for an upgrade fee, like I did with minecraft? That's what bothers me about it, not the constant remastering of the same game, just that.

Immorals1073d ago

Stop remastering the same game. Just spend the time to ensure the next one is the same, or better quality!

OldDude1073d ago

Shouldn't it be Re-remastered Edition?