Destiny House of Wolves Expansion Release Time and Preview

Find out when you'll be able to sink your fangs into the House of Wolves

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paul-p19881101d ago

I'll admit I bought into the Destiny hype twice (once buying the game, second buying the season pass) and both times I've been left wanting more. After reading this it seems like House of Wolves might be what I have been looking for all this time, dare I say I'm actually excited for it?

Roll on tonight so I can see if I can fall in love with Destiny!

kayoss1101d ago

Youre destined to fall in love with destiny.

bananaboats1101d ago

This'll give me enough time to play Witcher for a little while. I'm looking forward to this honestly

CorndogBurglar1101d ago

I know its missing a raid, but i'm really excited for Prison of Elders. Bungie did an awesome job with the horde modes in Halo Reach and ODST. They kept me playing those games for months after i was tired of story and multiplayer.

I'm very excited to see what they've done with it here. Not to mention, it rewards raid level gear. So i think its a welcome addition!