Spencer: "I embrace the scepticism people might have because of Games For Windows – Live"

Phil Spencer has said he 'embraces the scepticism' people have when Microsoft is talking about PC gaming on Windows, and it's why he's avoiding "fancy videos," relying instead on releasing SDKs to studios.

They're "fully committed to expanding" across all Windows 10 devices, which is why the new unified Store is so powerful. It allows Xbox developers to "seamlessly move from Xbox to PC".

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DragonbornZ1190d ago

"But if you bet on us for Games For Windows – Live, I can understand somebody saying, “Hey, you’re going to have to earn my trust back.” And that’s why when I stand there talking about it, I’m not showing any fancy videos, I’m not trying to pizzazz you with anything other than, “Here’s what we are; here’s what we’re trying to do."

Good stuff Phil.

SkippyPaccino1190d ago

Phil Spencer will never sit on the iron throne...

SkippyPaccino1190d ago

Who's disagreeing with what I said? Lol! Please elaborate on how he will, that will for sure lead to a interesting conversation.

TheRedButterfly1190d ago


What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

andibandit1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

I disagreed because I cant see how your comment is a reply to Dragonbornz or even relevant to this topic.

UltraNova1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

Dont sweat it dude, even if you post an empty comment some will still hit disagree.

Makes one wonder when will disagrees get tied with an obligatory comment explaining why the disagree.

Anw, no he will not sit on the iron throne because the guy seems honest and gives a s*** about what gamers want.

^^^ Honesty, aint on no potential CEO's resume for sure.

Edit: Kudos to the guy above who posted why he disagreed.

NuggetsOfGod1190d ago

Phil sold his iron thrown for a high end rig?

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christocolus1190d ago

So glad he is in charge of the xbox division now.I expect great things at E3 and beyond.

FriedGoat1190d ago Show
badz1491190d ago

what they are trying to do at the moment is using the Xbone as the skipping stone to gain significant market share on the PC gaming market in a short time. I don't know if they are planning to take Steam head on but I just can't see how Xbone game streaming to Win 10 will attract THAT many people to ditch Steam of GoG for GfWL.

frelyler1190d ago

Screw streaming, I want native games running on my PC. I will never buy another ms console BC of how I got burned last gen as an early adopter bf they started the refunds. I'll believe when I see it MS.

Captain_TomAN941190d ago

Well one thing he said is definitely true - No PC gamer trusts MS anymore because of Windows Live.

Get your Xbox DRM junk off my PC!!! I don't want an Xbox! I WANT A PC!!!!!!!

dmeador1189d ago

Haha. Xbox DRM? Have you played PC games recently?

JasonKCK1189d ago

Captain_TomAN94 DRM on PC is worse

showtimefolks1189d ago

Phil I like you and you are for ganers. But it seems like what you say abd do us different from where MS as a company stands

I am all for Phil but ge has been in charge for 12 months and hasn't produced besides keep dropping the price more abd more

I am not BashING him. He seems like a really down to earth cool dude. Buy this next 12 are very important for him to prove he can deliver

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yarbie10001190d ago ShowReplies(2)
ThanatosDMC1190d ago

Gfwl didnt allow me to save my steam games unless I sign in and create an account I'd forget. They better not force gfwl on Win10 games and future steam games.

Death1190d ago

It looks more like they are trying to replace Steam. If Microsoft can actually get games to work across all of their platforms it will be a big step towards moving people away from Steam.

1190d ago
Seafort1190d ago

Hehe not a chance I will ever move from Steam or GoG to Microsoft Xbox crap.

Most of my games are on Steam and GoG so MS don't even bother trying to compete you are late to the party as usual :)

SniperControl1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

MS will charge console game prices for PC games just like ea does with origin, they will never be able to match Steam prices especially during the big summer and winter sales.

Lol, no serious PC gamer(there are millions upon millions of us) will ever abandon Steam and go over to Live, PC gamers want to play games on PC not on there phone or X1.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1190d ago

As a fairly new PC gamer, and someone with only a PS4 (Gonna wait for holiday X1 sales to buy One), I've got a question for the "serious" PC gamers that if windows beats steam in sales because of their money, in order to replace steam, would you switch then?

Simply speculation, and SniperControl is most likely right, but it would be interesting if they did.

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OUROSMAG1190d ago

Great PR speech /slowclap...

kurruptor1190d ago

At first I fell for some of his stuff as well. What he was saying was drastically different than what MS had done in the past.

But, he is getting tiresome. He has been all talk. They haven't produced anything you can get your hands on.

christocolus1190d ago

The guy became head of the division about a year ago. what were you expecting? A bunch of new AAA ips developed and released within 12 months? A new Xbox tech released within 12 months?If you are tired of his talk then why do you guys even bother reading what he has to say? Why?

kurruptor1190d ago

For all the talk he is doing and for the constant praise... yes, I would expect something by now.

How are people talking like he saved Xbox when he hasn't done anything?

Kavorklestein1189d ago

E3 is like literally next month.. shut up and calm down. you asking him to show something when the mother of all Gaming reveals happens next month, is like when you can't drive a car when you already have your permit and you turn 16 in a week... it's gonna happen, and throwing fits won't make it happen any sooner. Just be quiet and patient