Ferrari review writes:"The handling is less arcade like than GRID and more like Gran Turismo and is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The system caters for all experience levels with the use of driving aids, and after some trial and error it is possible to achieve some great driving manevours. The game's handling is actually the strongest point of the title, which is something I don't often say! It demands attention and quick reflexes but rewards with realistic on screen action. After playing this game, GRID ended up looking extremely arcade like. I actually don't feel there is a game on the Playstation 3 which comes close to the racing action that Ferrari Challenge delivers, especially when you take into consideration the excellent artificial intelligence system which analyses how you are playing to make sure the game stays consistently challenging. The drivers even show signs of personality and I found myself being blocked by specific AI controlled drivers when I found a weakness with others.This is a hardcore racing simulation which will appease many people disappointed with the handling in GRID.

Ferrari Challenge is a game that has been created with much love and passion and it shows in all aspects of the production. The handling is in a class of its own and the graphics are polished and never suffer from any frame rate issues. The end result is a game with much charisma, a strong personality and it will appeal to people looking for a racer which is deeper and infinitely more rewarding. Highly recommended."

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resistance1003796d ago

Great game, great review, i highly recomend it to all racing fans