Smash Bros. Japanese Group Gets Modded with Dragon Ball Z

A Japanese modding group has gone and made an extraordinary new mod for Super Smash Bros. Fight. Super Smash Bros. Z is an authentic envisioning of Dragon Ball Z warriors in the domain of Smash Bros.

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gangsta_red1103d ago

Has there even been a smash bros style type of DBZ game? I mean there have been so many DBZ games I can't imagine that no one has tried it.

A DBZ Smash Bros style game fits perfect with the chaotic action of DBZ.

TXIDarkAvenger1103d ago

Battle Stadium D.O.N is pretty similar to Smash. Though not an entirely DBZ focused game since it also includes Naruto and One Piece characters.

gangsta_red1103d ago

Ohhh yea, that was when all the J-Stars where mashed up. I remember that game but it was only released in Japan if I remember correctly.

Namco should make a smash style DBZ game since they already helped with Nintendo's Smash bros.

Omar911103d ago

thats pretty fucking cool

SegaGamer1102d ago

Pretty cool, i wouldn't mind the next Dragon Ball game being exactly like this to be honest.