No DRM? GOG Galaxy Ventures In The Right Direction

As the world moves toward digital distribution as the primary source for game sales, many of the biggest publishers and console makers still sell their products with DRM. Even though many of the same games may be available on Steam and GOG Galaxy in the near future, gamers should seriously consider purchasing DRM-free games through GOG Galaxy.

Outside of the growing number existing and forthcoming benefits of GOG Galaxy over Steam, there’s another overall concept that makes GOG Galaxy the better choice: the principle of player choice and customization. From the upcoming update, which will allow players to rollback game updates to customizable achievement and chat features, GOG Galaxy is all about giving the player what they want. Even the client itself is entirely optional.

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funkybudda1156d ago

looks promising, but still doesnt beat Steam with achievements and trading cards. GoG is not going to kill Steam, not even close.

annoyedgamer1156d ago

I will take owning the game I pay for over achievements and trading cards anyday.

Razputin1156d ago

Same here. People don't realize that Steam and publishers can and will shut down their games and make it impossible to play in the future.

I have 1600 Steam games, a lot of AAA games too, but I am slowly building my Gog library up. I own those games unlike Steam and their shady back door deals and horrible DRM practices

WizzroSupreme1156d ago

"No DRM" is the sweetest phrase that I ever heard.

Kane221156d ago

i dont see what was so wrong with what you said...apparently people love that steam also owns "their" games

uth111156d ago

Easy to explain: To some gamers, Steam can do no wrong, and this move by GOG is a threat

Kingdomcome2471156d ago

It's crazy to see the disagrees you're getting. Considering the massive scorn that Microsoft incurred upon announcing their initial drm policies you'd think that this would be music to people's ears.

Two-Face1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

"People don't realize that Steam and publishers can and will shut down their games and make it impossible to play in the future."

1. Highly unlikely that Steam will shut down. Valve is in good financial position, and the worst case scenario would be that it would be sold to someone else.

2. You could always pirate/emulate the games you have bought in case something like that would happen(Which let's be realistic... will not happen)

BillytheBarbarian1156d ago

I backed up my xbla collection to my rgh 360. No DRM so I can use any gamertag. Just no online which is fine with me. They can also be copied to my external hdd incase my 360 hdd ever dies.

RedTriangle531156d ago

I love how suddenly everyone is really hyped about drm-free games when it has never really been an issue in the first place. And everyone who isn't hyped is placed in some pseudo pedagogical box using ancient greek philosophy or something as basis. Steam does everything it's supposed to, and I don't think anyone would boycot it to go join some new unproven service. Look at google+, even though it's superior to facebook in every way, it never replaced it. It's a niche service for kinky people, and you can sit with your nerd glasses on and recite the technical reasons for its superiority all day long, and the world will go on without taking much notice at all. however, congratulations that you have something you see as a better alternative to steam, but derigatorily shittalking about everyone who don't agree is weak.