Eyes-on: Sonic Unleashed


"I would love to tell you that from what I saw of Sonic Unleashed that I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this was going to be the game that brought back Sonic from the hellish hole he's been digging himself into ever since Sonic Adventure 2. I'd love to do that but I just can't, because from what I saw the game looks like it could be totally amazing or an even lower level of suck than Sonic has ever hit before. The level demonstrated for the press was a Grecian city (all the levels will be loosely based on actual world locations) that didn't have name yet and we got to see both gameplay modes the game will feature: day and night."

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Smacktard3772d ago

Wow, a Sonic game that's gonna suck? Who'da thunk!?

I thought it would be good, except for the Werehog part... until every eyes-on reported that it didn't look like it was gonna be what Sonic fans were waiting for.