Slightly Mad Studios Issues Official Statement About Project CARS on AMD's Graphics Cards

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the performance of Project CARS on AMD’s graphics cards. And this whole thing forced Slightly Mad Studios to issue an official statement about it. As the statement reads, for the past few days, erroneous information posted on Reddit and other websites has spread misinformation with regards to Project CARS’ performance on systems using AMD GPUs.

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Eonjay1157d ago

The war between consoles is nothing compared to the war that Nvidia wages against AMD. Now DF has to start doing tech analysis between AMD and Nvidia cards.

Besides all the strange politics, when DF does a analysis using only CPUs from Intel and GPUs from Nvidia, you aren't really getting the whole picture.

I would be upset if a game ran worse on my AMD card simply because Nvidia is sponsoring the project. Next up is the Withcher 3...

Mega241157d ago

Software wise, AMD needs to step up its game. They have quite powerful hardware but it's software department is holding them back.

badz1491156d ago

like you said, the software is the problem but how can they solve it when nVidia basically pay devs to use their propriety software?

UltraNova1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

AMD came up with Mantle. If they can make a PC API that can reduce overhead the way Mantle does, what makes you think they cant optimize their game drivers after so many years at it?

I think there's more to it here and I suspect nVidia has its fair share of responsibility on this.

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dumahim1157d ago

Seems odd that they say Nvidia is not a sponsor, but their logo is on the startup and can be found on banners all over the tracks.

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windblowsagain1157d ago

Dear Customers,

While we strive for excellence across all platforms, We were offered more money then we'd ever imagined, Nvidia gave us bucket loads of cash and we stayed up all night making the game run faster on those cards while eating as much pizza as humanly possible.

You can turn down many settings if the game isn't running to your liking on other graphics cards.

We can only say we want the game to play how it was meant to be played/S.

BattleAxe1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

The vast majority of games out there run better on Nvidia cards, which makes me wonder why anyone would be surprised by this.

You can go into the Steam forums, or any other forums for that matter, and whenever someone is having problems running a game properly, they're usually using an AMD cpu and/or an AMD gpu.

You may save a few bucks by purchasing an AMD gpu, but you'll pay for it down the road with technical issues. Outside of that, Nvidia gpus are quieter, run cooler and Nvidia updates their firmware constantly. Usually whithin a half hour of a major triple A game release on Steam, Nvidia releases an update so that their hardware will be optimised to run the game.

Nio-Nai1157d ago

That's complete BS and you know it.

People have issues all the time with Nvidia cards.

dumahim1157d ago

He didn't say Nvidia users aren't having issues. Everything he said is right.

Nio-Nai1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

No it's not, As someone who has owned both Nvidia and AMD products, both companies have faults with specific games and hardware/software issues.

Stop spreading complete BS, especially since clearly you have no idea what you are talking about.

And don't give me this continued lying about "temps"

The GTX 970 and 980 get up to the same temps as the 290 and 290x.

And the power usage was a HUGE issue with Nvidia prior to 7xx series, same for heat to the point it was destroying cards with fermi.

And let's not forget software. Sure AMD isn't as quick to optimize, mainly because they are a fraction of the company in size to Nvidia.

But at least they haven't released hardware with gimped memory and software that has fried cards. (Nvidia in 2010 and 2013 released updates that destroyed cards)

And if you think that since it's 5 and 2 years old that it doesn't matter, clearly you haven't been a part of PC gaming for very long, and most likely purchased something from the 9xx series as your first card.