Turtle Beach explains how to connect the Ear Force Elite 800X Xbox One Gaming Headset to PC

Turtle Beach reveals how the upcoming Ear Force Elite 800X Xbox One Gaming Headset can be connected to the PC.

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PlayableGamez1105d ago

I think Headsets by default should be universal.

Volkama1105d ago

I think Sony and Microsoft should have a "headset mode" built into the console that provides virtual 7.1 surround to any headset you choose.

They're well capable of it, but they both prefer to sell licenses to headset manufacturors like Turtle Beach who take a surround sound output, mush it down to 5.1 compressed channels for Dolbly Digital (or 2 channels with matrixing for DTS), output it over SP/DIF to the base station for the headset, rebuild the surround sound, then virtualise it and output through the 2.0 channel headset.