Top 5 Button Mashing Games - The Countdown

Welcome to the premiere episode of The Countdown – Top 5 Button Mashing Games! This episode will discuss the top 5 button mashing video games that are available starting with number 5 counting down to number 1! From Mortal Kombat to God Of War, you won’t want to miss this countdown list counting down the fastest button pressing games in the industry! Have you ever played a game that seemed to require you to press a button over and over until it felt like your fingers were going to fall off or bleed? If so, then your game is more than likely on this list! So sit back take a look, and enjoy!

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KenBorter1185d ago

Great job man! I love it!

albertperk1184d ago

Thank you sir! Glad you enjoyed it! :)

koolaid2511185d ago

Why Dynasty Warriors didn't make it on the list?

albertperk1184d ago

That's a game that certainly would have made the list if it was a Top Ten for sure!! Excellent point.