PS4 And Xbox One are Beasts of Machines, Battle Will Be Won Through Content, Not Graphics

Much has been said about the hardware differences between the PS4 and Xbox One. At this point, it's fairly public knowledge that one is a bit powerful than the other, but given that Microsoft is working on optimizing the Xbox One's GPU, how does it tackle up against its competitor?

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DarkOcelet1160d ago

Good to know they are powerful. And The Witcher 3 have proven that the consoles are capable of amazing graphics for a huge open world games.

Brotard1160d ago

Except surveys say it will be won with graphics(as on major reason, not the only reason)

Transistor1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

It's not graphics exactly, it's the fact the PS4 has the best performing games across the board. The 360 had a lot of success for the same reasons, just not to the extent of the PS4.

People go on and on about having a few highly rated exclusives as some game changer. It's not, or the Xbox would have sold more in 2014. The games they did have exclusively didn't even sell well. People look for the best platform with variety at a good price, not one or two highly rated games.

In reality multiplatform titles drive sales and the PS4 delivers those better than the Xbox One consistently.

xHeavYx1160d ago

The "war" will be won through content. Graphics is just a battle that one console is clearly winning.

gangsta_red1160d ago

It is truly amazing to see a certain crowd praise multiplatform games now. Definite change from the "it's all about the exclusives" argument from last gen.

PS4 games performance is definitely slightly better than X1. Especially when you compare them side by side, specifically shown and told what to look for in certain instances and just plain waiting for digital foundry or other sites to tell you what to think.

It's not like before last gen when the issues were obvious and glaring. How games on the PS3 were buggy or extremely glitch filled due to a lot of devs not being familiar with the cell architecture. In time devs got used to it and those problems went away. It's always the first few years type of blues when dealing with new hardware.

I can only assume the same will be for the X1 and it's own unique hardware and abilities.

u got owned1160d ago

PS4 won the sales war already, XBO will never catch on.

But MS can still have a win, and that is making profit and making sure they get the gamer back on their side, making sure they create new and different game franchises, so that they can have a successor with a better fighting chance.

Graphics play a very small part of PS4 success but IMO their success comes from them been in favor of the gamer and always putting gaming first.

Death1160d ago


They have the perception of being for the gamer and being about games down to a science. The entire time Sony was saying they were focused on games they were in reality working on their subscription TV service. Both systems launched in 2013. Here we are in 2015 with very little content rolling out from either first party studios. In marketing, perception is everything. Sony was very lucky in finding an audience that was willing to believe what they hear and ignore what they see.

Pogmathoin1160d ago

Who cares as long as both do what it takes to get you to buy..... For those who will only own one, your arguments are BS, as how can you know what you are talking about if you only sample one. Multi plats for me are based on controllers, some games for some reason just work better on one or another, while both have exclusives that any real gamer would not miss because of brand loyalty lust..... Which is retarded really....

u got owned1160d ago


Agree, but that's where they succeeded by having the perception of being for the gamer.

majiebeast1160d ago

Lol Death you always sound so salty PS4 has more games then the XB1 this is fact go look it up, so saying PS4 is less about games is pretty damn funny. But hey continue being salty about the PS4 destroying the XB1 its entertaining.

rainslacker1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

Graphics matter. They aren't the only thing that matters. Graphics can lure in a lot of paying customers. The good game play is what turns them into fans, and eventually gets them buying more games in a series.

Gamers like pretty games, and the mainstream is attracted to shiny things. It's always been this way, and I always have a chuckle at people that say that graphics don't matter, because from a sales perspective, they most certainly do.


"Here we are in 2015 with very little content rolling out from either first party studios"

Yeah...their 1st party has been silent for way too long. Obviously, there is nothing coming from these studios. Proof is in the pudding. Nothing shown means no content is being produced.

I can't wait till it is shown though, so it will shut up people like you who keep wanting to insist on this whole "Sony has no games" BS.

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someOnecalled1160d ago

the witcher kinda prove the opposite. these devs have been working on powerful machine even before these consoles were released. having to through away some features so it would be able to play on console doesnt seem like a sign that these consoles are beast of machines. got to hand it to people spinning the parity thats going on here and deflect that these consoles are greatly outdated. if this game was only on console and parity at hand we would never hear the end of it by ps fanboys this sit would be covered with cdproject are liars articles. and are wrong for parity. funny how that works.

Tsar4ever011160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

Whoah, Whoah, whaoh!! Did anybody who read that BOGUS article notice this LIE!? quote “We believe that both PS4 and Xbox One are beasts of machines,” Hussain said to GamingBolt. “Both GPUs boast computational speed in excess of 1.3 Teraflops."

F**KING WRONG!! PS4 has 1.8 Tflops/18 GCN cores, XB1 has 1.3 Tflops/12 GCN cores which puts it at almost 50% performance gap, stop the BS, they're not at the same performance level. Lying DERPS!!

TheCommentator1160d ago

Typical Gamingbolt. All the "news" is in the title. Is the dev using DX12 yet? Why does he dodge the question instead of being honest? Stupid clickbait.

OB1Biker1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

Not only the 'news' but all Gamingbolt is in the title.. they would repost the same one over and over for click bait and fanboy wars if they could

Fro_xoxo1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

I'm fine with what the consoles are doing. I only Paid €380 for my XO I don't expect it to move mountains.

I'm enjoying my games.

I agree with dev, it's all about gameplay and content. Consoles have never been defined by their technical prowess, but by content.

SpaceRanger1160d ago

I whole heartedly agree! Gameplay is why we buy games, not graphics. Whether they're exclusives or not, people will buy them if they enjoy them. And the fact that the consoles have about 90% of the same games provides gamers to really choose which console they'd rather get that will give them what they paid for.

Gameplay will always triumph graphics.

Thankfully one of these consoles doesn't need you to choose between either gamplay or graphics. (:

Cy1160d ago

Agreed. Graphics are nowhere near as important as content innovation.

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