E3 2015 Predictions for PS4, Wii U and Xbox One

GGG gives their bold predictions about what E3's biggest announcements/reveals will be.

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DarkOcelet1188d ago

I just watched the trailer for The Last Guardian again. It really looked mind blowing for a PS3 game. I wonder how it will look on the PS4.

Its a real shame that Team Ico didnt release a game for a whole generation. Hopefully they make up for the lost time this gen.

mrbojingles1188d ago

I'd be fine with a SotC 2. Let's hope Ico's comeback is as good as Metroid's in 2002.

Transistor1188d ago

It wouldn't surprise me at all if TLG assets from PS3 were used to build something similar to Shadow Of the Colossus on PS4.

Not at all.

mikeslemonade1187d ago

Microsoft 1st
Sony 2nd
Nintendo a distant 3rd

In terms of conference quality.

ozstar1187d ago

@mikeslemonade, Nintendo won't have a conference.

They'll have video presentations, Treehouse Live Demonstrations, and an end of week Press Presentation (assuming its like last year).

Transistor1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

This popped up last night.

The fact it's spaced properly, lists PS4 and Steam and has multiple angles is a step in the right direction to being real.

Also, the fact Verendus said Sega is unveiling a PS4 exclusive this E3 and Sega said they'll be there with other consoles, make this very intriguing.

Verendus also mentioned in his E3 predictions that he expects 12 Japanese developed games at Sony's press conference.

"How many Japanese games will be featured during the Sony Press Conference? I'll go with around 12."

DarkOcelet1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

That looks almost like Ryo's Jacket. Holy moly if this is Shenmue 3. Minds will be blown. Thats really big.

This definitely looks like Shenmue 3.

Transistor1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

There is no doubt about it, that's Shenmue.


I'm pretty excited for this gaming convention season.

BTW, if you zoom in even the trademark stuff looks legit.

DarkOcelet1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

Ok, i am officially hyped for E3 now.

If The Last Guardian really do make an appearance at E3 then MS will face a tough competition beating that.

I am also interested on why SE logo is in there. Maybe they made a collaboration in producing it.

Transistor1188d ago

Sega recently filed a trademark for Shenmue.

So, there is that too.

mrbojingles1187d ago

If its Shenmue, why would it have Square Enix on it too if Sega is the publisher? Wouldn't Sony just publish it?

pwnsause_returns1187d ago

YO man, dont play with my heart :'( i really want it to be true!

comebackkid98911187d ago

That's Dante! The neon writing is DMC's font! Thank you transistor!

Septic1187d ago

Hory shet!!

Its happening!

Farmassy1187d ago

I know I'm going to get disagrees but you don't want them to make shenmue 3. The first 2 games are masterpieces but that is because they invented the open world game. I loved shenmue when it came out but everyone's expectations are so high that they will inevitably be let down. The gaming world was heavily influenced by shenmue and I will always remember playing those games and enjoying them but you don't want them to turn it into a modern open world game

Transistor1187d ago

I keep hearing saying it's fake, but I have yet to see the image that is similar.

Can someone post it? I can't find it anywhere.

BG115791187d ago

The company that presents Shenmue 3 is the imediat winner of E3 for me.
I don't care who it is.

kingfetish171187d ago

Notice the scratches on the pink petals. There's 1 scratch on the first petal, then 2 on the second, and 3 on the third.

Possibility of a Shenmue trilogy being released? That would be awesome!

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koolaid2511187d ago

It's coming out on ps5 lmfao.

DarkOcelet1187d ago

I heard a rumor that its coming in 2200 for the PS20 with 40K resolution and 1000000 fps.

Its gonna be awesome.

jhoward5851187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

MS will reveal games for all type of genre on x1. variety is key.

First off, I think MS would have their very own blood borne style game reveled at e3.

MS will show more jrpg games than ever before.

Gears remaster will probably be free for win10 owners. Not sure if x1 users will get the same offerings like they'll have for fable legends.

MS will have their very own "last of us" type of game revealed at e3.

scale bond is going to have "Lord of the rings" like visuals at e3. SB will probably be one of the best looking games on x1.

Gears 4 is going to have massive amount of weapons upgrade. Co op is going to be the main focus here. The pacing of the game will be fast and action-packed.

Battletoads will look SGI, similar to Killer instinct's graphics style. OR maybe the SGI graphics style will return in KI season 3. OR maybe SGI skin DLC for all characters in KI.

MS will have several plat-formers revealed at this years e3.

DX12 hololens Win 10 will be the main focus of MS showings because they want to illustrate to us all that gaming will not only be happening indoors, but outdoors as well on the cloud.

Transistor1187d ago

"MS will show more jrpg games than ever before."

Don't get your hopes on that one. I'm not being rude. If you want JRPG's, buy a PS4.

jhoward5851187d ago

You're right. PS4 will have more JRPG than the x1.

But if MS wants to stay relevant in the Japanese/Chinese gaming market they're going to have to step up on their A game and make more JRPG games.

MSBAUSTX1187d ago

All he said is they will show more than ever before. Where did he say they would show more than Sony? If they show three or even two it will be more than ever before and will be welcomed by most XB1 owners. So what he said isnt really false or anything and did not need you to point out that the PS4 will have more Jrpgs than xb1. Sony has always had more Jrpgs than MS. We know that. He is just hoping that MS will finally get more than usual this year.

mrbojingles1187d ago

There is no point in pursuing the Japanese/Chinese market for Xbox One. Its a goner there. It would all be wasted money. MS would be better to focus on titles that will help them pull a PS3-type recovery in Europe and steal the lead in the US. Shooters with some Rare IPs and maybe some MOBAs, as much as I hate to say it, would be wise investments.

Also, forcing out a "Minecraft 2", as dumb as that would be, could move units if it was XB1only

super_bruno1187d ago

I agree with mrbojingles XBO is dead in japan, not only that, but console gaming as a whole is dying in Japan, that is why most Japanese developer are going mobile only.

kakashi811187d ago

This is exactly why I don't wanna get a Xbox one, no one cares about the games. PS4 & Wii U!!!!!

Bathyj1187d ago

Im not trying to be rude, so please dont take it that way, but your writing style leaves a bit to be desired. You write everything as if youre stating a fact, where as youre merely speculating or perhaps reciting your wishlist.

You should chuck in an "in my opinion" or "I think" every now and then so it doesnt sound so bullish. At the moment it feels a bit arrogant cos youre writing like everything you said is an absolute certainty, but most of it is just what you hope will happen.

Sorry, No offense meant, truly, just my opinion.

1187d ago
Bathyj1187d ago

Maybe its cos I actually read his comment.

Dont be so sensitive, its just a little constructive criticism, and I didnt attack him over it.

Youre right but, I do try to ignore the ones that go full fanboy.

jhoward5851187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

Thank you for the constructive criticism. I just wasn't paying much attention to way my post was written on here because I was under the impression that this article was a prediction piece.

That said, I thought since this article was about predictions gamers would already have this in mind and wouldn't take anything anyone said on here as fact.

Lesson learned: I guess you can't always expect everyone to view things in the same exact way.

My Bad.

Bathyj1187d ago

Quite alright Mr Howard. Under that context it makes a bit more sense so sorry for maybe jumping the gun a bit. My also bad.

And good for you for at least taking it on board instead of trying to tear me a new one like other people do.

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Kal0psia1187d ago

Can't wait for Microsoft's conference, going to be ton of gameplay no doubt. Also expecting more exclusive titles from third-party developers. Microsoft has very powerful tools, but never have the creative teams so they'll further collaborate with other third-party developers like they have done so far with Insomniac and Platinum Studios, expecting more. I have me fingers crossed on Square Enix. :D

PhucSeeker1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

Honestly, i want Xbox to be Xbox, not a Playstation wanna-be. Also, if you like JRPGs then choosing the Xbone might be a big mistake. I'd go for the 3DS or Ps Vita to enjoy JRPGs.

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Kingscorpion711187d ago

I hope they announce Sony Bend horror game!

comebackkid98911187d ago

Yes! The concept art would make H.R. Giger blush :)

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1187d ago

Wii U:
Devil's Third
Mario Maker
Xenoblade Chronicles X
Yoshi's Wolly World
Fatal Frame V
Star Fox
Illusory Revelation Fire Emblem(SMTxFE)
Rodea the Sky Soldier

Pokken Fighter
Project Treasure Gameplay
New Collaboration Titles
New Platinum Games Title
Next Level Games's New game
Retro Studio's new game
Animal Crossing
And a few third party games.

wonderfulmonkeyman1187d ago

Bayonetta 3.
If Platinum makes that happen for Wii U, I'll be Over the Moon with glee!

Germany71187d ago

Any chance for Vanquish 2?

wonderfulmonkeyman1187d ago

I can only pray so.
If it hits Wii U, PS3, or PC, I'll be getting it.

BigDuo1186d ago

It seems unlikely. Not only is Platinum busy with two other projects at the moment, but the developer rarely does sequels, Bayonetta 2 being the exception. Also, if another publisher wishes to do a Vanquish sequel, then like with Nintendo (with Bayonetta 2), they will have to make a publishing deal with Sega in order to obtain exclusive publishing rights to Vanquish. If Bayonetta 2 had a hard enough time finding a publishing partner according to Platinum Games, then certainly Vanquish 2 probably would as well.

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