Is This The Most Exciting E3 In Years?

Pixel Gate UK ponders the concept of E3 2015 being the most exciting E3 in years:

With E3 fast approaching, people are already discussing their expectations when it comes to the ‘big three’. Last year represented some pretty big changes, at least in terms of presentations. Nintendo’s Direct plan drew initial criticisms and concerns. Not physically holding a conference at E3 sounded like a truly risky move, but when all was said and done, Nintendo Direct was a success. Their brave move proved that the face of E3 was changing again, E3 2015 could be another year of change, at least for Sony and Microsoft.''

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Brotard1159d ago

Gamers are so spoiled this year! Halo 5, bloodborne, mgs v, witcher 3, batman Arkham knight. Possibly doom, fallout 4, tlg if we are really lucky, maybe a gta v expansion. So much stuff too much stuff!

Immorals1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Luckily I have the witcher to tide me over till e3!

OUROSMAG1159d ago

I think it'll be an exciting E3 for Pc Gamers and fans of the xbox, but I have a feeling SONY won't deliver this year.

Mykky1159d ago

That may be, but they still might show something new from Team Ico, Level 5 and Sucker Punch. So hope is not lost!

jb2271159d ago

Anything can happen, but Sony has the most potential for true surprises. MS blows their load early & chances are we know the majority of what'll be on offer. Sure it might all look amazing, but aside from finding out what Rare is working on and seeing Gears 4 unveiled, MS doesn't have many, if any other first party studios that are unaccounted for whereas Sony has at least a half dozen major first party devs w/ great track records working on unannounced titles, not to mention games like UC4 & GoW 4, No Man's Sky, Until Dawn, & all of the other announced titles that'll most likely be shown off. I wouldn't count Sony out yet, even if they spread their announcements out further than MS, there will still be some interesting stuff on offer from Sony.

Mykky1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Bring it! New fallout, elder scrolls, news and release dates for KH3 and FFXIV, more info on Uncharted, new red dead, new metroid, star fox, next level 5 game, Mass Effect 4, new infamous or sucker punch ip, Mirror's edge 2, Half Life 3, The Last Guardian, new Banjo Kazooie made like the two first, something Zelda.
Every year my expectations is way too high, but one can only hope.

Enyxodin1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Best E3 if:

- Fallout 4 gets announced with gameplay trailer (not CGI)

- Doom gameplay

- dishonored 2 tease or elder scrolls tease

- Gears 4 in engine trailer

- What EPIC has been up to

- mass effect (4?) Story trailer

- Sony bends game

- quantic dreams game

- Half life 3 with vive

- halo 5 singleplayer trailer

- CDPR admits that witcher 3 is downgraded

- red dead redemption 2 announced or hinted

- uncharted 4 story trailer

jb2271159d ago

Seems like all of those could be likely aside from CDPR actually admitting to their downgrade. Pretty shameful the way they are trying to blame gamers for 'unrealistic expectations' when those are only expectations created by the devs themselves. I'd rather see a game look shoddy in its first reveal & watch it get incrementally better towards release than the reverse that we've seen in almost every major title these days. Lot of apologists saying we should temper our expectations but what are we supposed to even base those tempered expectations off of when we never see the true fidelity & quality of the title until its in our console?

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