Magicka 2 PS4 [email protected]/60; No Cross-Play With PC

Magicka 2 PS4 will run at [email protected], though there won't be any cross-platform play with the PC version, sadly.

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Imp0ssibl31006d ago

That's a pity as I fear Magicka 2 will have a small playerbase on PS4. At least with cross-play folks wanting to play coop wouldn't have any troubles finding people

Alexious1006d ago

Yeah, it's safer to play it on PC in all likelihood.

Mostafeto1006d ago

Magicka is a good game in general but I don't think it will have a solid number of players on PS4 as you said

ccgr1006d ago

bummer I guess I'll stick with PC

Alexious1006d ago

I think I'll play it on PC with a DualShock 4 - best of both worlds.

ccgr1006d ago

I like my wired xbox 360 controller :)