Ether One Review – Glitches and Bugs Overshadow Charming Experience | COG

COG Writes: "White Paper Games has done a nice job giving us an original and delightful exploration game where your goal is to fix memories and restore life. It’s currently free on the PS+ and it’s a good thing too as the bugs take away from the overall experience."

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leahcim1101d ago

great experience! at least for me

RpgSama1101d ago

I plan to platinum this game, but i'm first waiting for the inevitable patch to make this game actually platinable, and a better overall experience, I tend to give small indie developers a little bit more room when it comes to a game being bug free, so many backlog games to play to give them the time to be able to experience the game as they intended.

chippychan1101d ago

Same here. I played for a few hours and enjoyed my time, but when I loaded it up to play again my game lost count of the projectors I had restored and many items went missing. It was really a shame because I was looking forward to spending more time with it.

So I'm patiently waiting for a patch before diving in again.

WizzroSupreme1101d ago

That's a shame. From what's written here, it sounds like a decent game.

MRBIGCAT1101d ago

I don't mind the odd bug/glitch when it's free. Thankfully right now, it is free for PS+ members; otherwise, no way I am purchasing this as is.

Pego1101d ago

I played and enjoyed it for more than 6 hours till the game crashed. Now there's no way to play it, I tried reinstalling the game and it still crashed. I hope the dev release a patch soon.

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