Metal Gear Solid Sneaks Its Way Onto My Little Pony

There’s nothing more fun than finding video game references in TV shows. If you watch Adventure Time or Steven Universe, the references come every other episode or so, and they’re usually referencing classic titles like Final Fantasy or Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Omar911186d ago

what is even happening right now...

N0TaB0T1186d ago Show
RedTriangle531186d ago

This is the most pathetic excuse for "news" I have ever seen. Stop trying to push that shit in everyone's faces, this is not an mlp-related page.

KryptoniteTail1186d ago

"Maybe Kojima will see [this episode of MLP]."

Kojima is weird but not some Brony f**.

N0TaB0T1186d ago

You kick the hornets nest and do no be surprised by the immense pain you will experience seconds later. Do not mess with the MGS community lol.

Xer0_SiN1186d ago

i dont even. and if they wanted to do a tribute. the box would be upside down. the snake character would either be a fox...or get this...a snake. hahaha...

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