The Story Behind Bloodborne’s Haunting Soundtrack

Posted by Daniel Robson on May 18, 2015 // JAPAN Studio:

Bloodborne’s boss fights are dead scary, and heightening the sense of terror is the epic musical score. The ambitious music project was a globe-spanning collaboration between JAPAN Studio, From Software, and SCEA’s Product Development Services Group (PDSG), and was recorded at London’s prestigious AIR Studios.

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Lavitz11982d ago

I absolutely love this soundtrack. My favourite track must be (SPOILER) Gehrman's boss fight. So many emotions.

VsAssassin982d ago

I have been playing this game like crazy. If there is gonna be DLC I won't complain. I'm not much into DLCs, but for this game, I'm making an exception.

Or, make another From/Sony collabo game!!!

TheOneWhoIsTornApart981d ago

The DLC for Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 are incredible and I'm sure if they make DLC for Bloodborne it will be amazing as well. I really hope they add some because I want more Bloodborne.

breakpad981d ago

not a DLC they should focus for a full retail sequel or expansion ...DLC are thievery practics

TheOneWhoIsTornApart981d ago

Why can't we have DLC AND a sequel?. The Dark Souls DLC had a lot of content and was worth every penny. Not all DLC is just weapons skins and alternate costumes. I don't support stuff like that. Skyrim did DLC right which are just as meaty as any expansion pack I have ever seen. You shouldn't generalize DLC as just skimpy content that developers nickel and dime us for when there are lots of good substantial DLC that are worth the money.

TWB981d ago

Though I feel that Bloodborne wont have any DLC.

Demons Souls didnt have any DLC, Dark Souls had DLC because it was cut content and apparently finished when people petitioned for PC version. DS2 was exception because it was made by a different team.

So unless Bloodborne has a ton of cut/unfinished content I think its very unlikely to happen. From my observations it seems that they actually added some extra content into the game (upped cathedral ward) so I doubt they cut really anything from the game.

theshredded981d ago (Edited 981d ago )

still my favorite game,Amygdala is so damn OP in new game+!

Master-H981d ago (Edited 981d ago )

That Yahrgul track (Hail the Nightmare) is absolutely bonkers the first time you get there. Sets the atmosphere for the whole thing.

WizzroSupreme981d ago

Everything in that darn game's creepy as heck. I'd love to be a fly on the wall over at From Software when they played that tune for the first time. *shivers*

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