The first two pieces of The Witcher 3's 16 free DLCs will be available tomorrow

The first two pieces of The Witcher 3's 16 free DLCs will be available to download when the game launches tomorrow, CD Projekt RED has confirmed.

Two more pieces will then roll out each week after launch, suggesting they'll all be available by the end of July.

Tomorrow's DLC is expected to include an armour set for Geralt and his horse Roach, and a beard and hairstyle set. Then, from next week, players will be able to download an alternative look for companion Yennefer and an additional quest that sends players on a journey to discover missing miners. Details on the remaining pieces have yet to be revealed.

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ManAnimalX1037d ago

a game company that actually cares of the fans, rare.

1nsomniac1037d ago

How? They publicly claimed their DLC would be substantial & wouldn't be cheap cosmetic crap. Seems to me like they've lied again to their fans...

I would of preferred they stuck to just releasing the original game they advertised & didn't release any free apology DLC at all.

Avernus1037d ago

Wait... is this sarcasm? Not sure if serious tbh.

It's FREE DLC, IDK how you can spin that into a negative. The "substantial" DLC is coming later this year, and next year.

I can't believe people complain about free DLC...

solar1037d ago

Releasing Expansion Packs is =/= DLC. One is worth the price.

Omnisonne1037d ago (Edited 1037d ago )

Apology DLC?
They announced the free 16-piece DLC last year

The substantial DLC will come in the form of 2 expansions, both with a new area open for exploration, quests etc.

The 16 free DLC are smaller things like seperate sidequests, dungeons, weapons/armor and stuff like that.
Which will be free..

Also wash off the bitterness, CDPR doesnt owe anyone anything, be happy they release 16 free pieces.
Others would charge $7,50 for each

Bansai1037d ago Show
Whirlwind_Fanfare_081036d ago (Edited 1036d ago )


Are you for real that you are complaining about this game having 16, 16 free DLCs for it? if you are, then that's pitiful.

Perjoss1036d ago (Edited 1036d ago )

You appear to have gotten yourself lost my good man. The Ubisoft news article is that way ----->

starchild1036d ago

Incredible. This developer has created a game that many reviewers are calling a masterpiece, the game itself offers hundreds of hours of content, they're following up with 16 free DLCs, and the game is one of the most beautiful ever created, and you STILL want to complain? Holy hell, talk about taking entitlement to the extreme.

Septic1036d ago

This post sums up whats wrong with gamers today. Unbelievably entitled. If I were a dev and I read that post Id kindly tell you to shove off and not bother buying the game at all.

Dirkster_Dude1036d ago

How is this in any way apology crap? They have nothing to apologize for with a game being release on time and free DLC is free DLC. You're under no obligation to actually download it.

BellePelouse1036d ago

Or maybe its stuff they could have put in the game before release but instead they chose to keep it out and give it as free dlc so people would think they are great devs

I'm not saying they are not great devs or that it really was their intention, but that maybe its just a very manipulative move...

aawells071036d ago

Whats the matter? Don't have anything else to say now that people with common sense have entered the conversation?

1nsomniac1036d ago (Edited 1036d ago )

It seems peoples short sightedness & choice to ignore previous public PR statements is over whelming some people.

CDPR claimed initially that the WItcher 3 would strictly not have any DLC at all because they were against it.

They then delayed the game & released a statement that due to this they would create DLC. Every bit of it free & every bit of it substantial even joking that it wouldn't be costume pieces.

They then released a statement that there has "Absolutely, 100%, not been any downgrade".

Despite all of these things not releasing as advertised. People seem to have completely lost their spine altogether & bent over in preparation.

I praised CDPR for years up to this point like most others but they have a habit of saying 1 thing & doing another. Some people need to toughen up! You can't moan about some developers not providing what was advertised but then when a dev you like does it you make excuses for them.

All I said in my original comment is that I don't want extra content, free or not. I won't what was advertised & what I have paid money for. If it was advertised as the game really is with the attached real business model I would be happy & wouldn't complain.

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Jalva1036d ago (Edited 1036d ago )

All they did was lock a bunch of on-disc content and will gradually unlock it over a timespan to give their fans the illusion that they're giving them free stuff, it's just a bunch of meaningless trinket b*llshit and it's a cheap way to get publicity for being an honest company, I bet you will soon hear about people finding all the "free content" already on the disc's files.

Omnisonne1036d ago

And what if they don't?

Avernus1036d ago

Point is, other devs charge money for what you are claiming CDPR is doing. It's still free, and they could easily charge a few dollars for cosmetic items, and a quest here or there, but they're not.

It's a cool gesture on their part, and people like you are ungrateful and feel entitled to something. They don't owe you anything. If you're so salty about it, don't download their DLC. Simple.

HammadTheBeast1036d ago

I don't usually do this, but I went through your comment history and it was full of negative and borderline "trolling" comments.

I'm guessing this is one of those as well.

Bolts1036d ago (Edited 1036d ago )

How is he trolling? He's stating the obvious. These DLCs are being released to generate a love affair between the devs and the fans. If they were included in the game on day 1 this "DLC" they would've passed by unnoticed.

At least we don't have to pay for them or they're not locked up as preorder bonuses. For that I'm thankful.

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riskibusiness1036d ago

16 things that should have been part of the original game content. I too am not impressed. I would be impressed if the 2 paid announced pieces are free. Everything else is marketing, catering to the small minded sheeple out there who are easily fooled.

elninels1036d ago

Do you know all sixteen of these dlc's? Do we know theyes are all on the disc? CDPR has typically done right by fans because it helps their bussiness. Is there anything wrong with that? Yes every firm is out here to make money, how would they exist if they didn't make money? Not everything is a conspiracy. Just most things.

And it's not like they are charging for on disk content. They are slowly roll in things out

SirDjss1036d ago

Wrong mate, dont compare emotions to marketing stragegy,

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Nice! Can't wait to pick this up tomorrow.

Sensiblesteve1037d ago

Don't like the way they are claiming free dlc when all the are doing is giving a new beard for crying out loud ---/ I would certainly of never bought a dlc beard

Immorals1037d ago

It's download able, it's content and it's also free.

What else are they going to call it, free beard expansion?

Kingdomcome2471037d ago

I personally paid for the goatee season pass. It's said to bring with it all of the stylish looks that any Witcher worth his coin would sport.

Nero21421037d ago

Sure , cut things from the game call it dlc give it for ''free'' = profit, ppl are losing their minds. Its still content cuted from normal game , its hardly to belive that the most of this dlcs will be made after realse

STK0261037d ago

Well, some people would have. Remember the horse armor in Oblivion?

Darkwatchman1037d ago

When you have games out there CHARGING for fucking useless cosmetics, the fact they're giving that for free when so many other developers charge for it is commendable.

kurruptor1037d ago

So you're complaining that you don't get USELESS stuff for free?

Darkwatchman1037d ago

If it's useless, why does it need to cost money. 2 generations ago, cosmetics were unlocks led uou got for completing games under certain parameters or doing this and that. Nowadays, that same crap is locked behind paywalls? Why? It doesn't need to be that way.

kurruptor1037d ago

Because they spend time to create it. If they didn't profit from it, they probably wouldn't make it.

Games cost much, much, much more to make nowadays, but prices are the same. They have to make up for that somehow.

So, your options are pay for crap DLC or pay $70-$80 base price for games.

Toiletsteak1037d ago

DLC the D is for Down the L is for Loadable and the C is for Content, now if you are not smart enough i will put it all together.... DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT.

rebeljoe141036d ago

Well you're not smart enough to understand that day one DLC is taken from the game OUT to pass on at a later date.

Hairy Chewie1036d ago

@rebeljoe14 There's always a few weeks between the game going gold and it releasing. That's plenty of time to create these minor dlc packs. I wouldn't be so pesemistic, yes, they probably could have gotten this stuff into the gold version, but every minute they spent working on it would be time taken off other game assets. I doubt anyone would want that. Also, its free!

HammadTheBeast1037d ago

Well, there's also additional quests and costumes coming up.

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Relientk771037d ago

Thanks CD Projekt Red. So awesome we get all this free DLC

TeamLeaptrade1037d ago

This keeps getting better and better. The developers truly care for their fans. Nice to see developers dishing out free DLC like this.

kraenk121036d ago (Edited 1036d ago )

I actually think the other way around is that case. It's shameful other developers let you pay money for that.

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