Witcher 3 graphics options, performance and settings


"The PC version of The Witcher 3 has finally landed in the office. Cue an excited gathering and lots of "ooohs" and "aaahs" at the opening vistas, which look very crisp on PC. We're digging into the game properly for review, but thought you might like to know what the graphics options are like and how the game runs before worldwide release tomorrow."

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I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

So wait from what I gather the AA is just on off :s first off what kind of anti aliasing is it and what about uber sampling. Also I thought we were getting uber sliders or is that just another word for ultra

carcarias1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

They called it Uber for ages but until finally settled on using the word Ultra instead.

I think people went through the pre-load XML files and discovered what kind of AA it was. You'll have to google it since I can't remember, soz.

reynod1154d ago

If you have an Nvidia GPU you could enable DSR, which is pretty much the same as ubersampling.

Vegamyster1154d ago

"The rendering.ini config file is easy to find (in this build at least. Go to Witcher 3 Wild Hunt -> bin -> config -> base - rendering.ini) and contains hooks that seem to let users mess around with more detailed settings, and set the precise MSAA level (AA is an on/off toggle in the graphics options). We'll experiment more in due course. "

tablecloth1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

For those interested if you have geforce experience and preloaded Witcher 3, you can already see your "optimal" settings.

Papafynn1154d ago

How much will a computer running The Witcher 3 at the highest settings set me back? Less than a $1000?

reynod1154d ago

Depends what you mean by highest 1080p, 1440p or 4k?

_-EDMIX-_1154d ago

The lolz, nope. Well over $1k. If you mean the highest in terms of setting and resolution, its easily over $1k. I'm sure someone on here can link up or write up good build along with a 4k monitor.

Vegamyster1154d ago

If its 1080p/1440p its easily doable assuming you have a monitor/TV already.

_-EDMIX-_1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

@Vegamyster- that is a good build. My assumption of higher was based on him likely wanting 4K.

But if they already own a monitor and only want 1080p, that is very much doable.

I would change a few things, I would do bluray instead of dvd, I would have 2x 4gig dimms 1033 and not 1 8gig dimm as having 2 dimms allows for faster performance vs 1 dimm.

I would also go with a mobo with 4 slots not just 2.

The mobo also doesn't support the full power of that ram, ie 1033, the ram is 1866.

I would get a monitor vs a tv too. (personal preference)

I have a similar build written up that is around $1200

Only because a bluray drive, after market cpu cooler, expensive case etc. I don't plan a 4k set up just yet, but I'll save up for it after I build a new rig.

I would switch the ram to this.

or something around that. Other then that, that is a solid build that centers around a beast GPU and a beast CPU.

I guess I'm spending $1200/$1300 to get a bit more performance and flexibility. One can do well that that build for a while even with zero changes.

Here is my current planned build, likely parts are cheaper a bit as this was done in march.

Didn't realize how expensive my build would be, could be cheaper if I wanted but I've always wanted a Raven II 90 degree angle case.

Might get a 980gtx instead too as I've seen the temps on it and its really, really cool compared to the R9's. The performance isn't enough to make me pay $500 or $600, but its starting to make me at least consider it.

and fyi, many don't really need to have builds like the one I listed, a build around $1k is very much doable, I mean in 1080p anyway.

d_g1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

well good i can play it on min

ninjahunter1154d ago

Nice, the variety of options that one would expect from a big release, and to my understanding low settings actually look pretty good, so heres fingers crossed to being able to play on a lower end system.

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