The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Pre-Review Impressions | Continue Play

Geralt’s third outing is a triumph of storytelling and presentation, even though a few rough edges and questionable depiction of women threatens to undermine its accomplishments.

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ps4fanboy1040d ago

8 hours away
Sick with excitement , pre loading , up all night....
Ohhhh yeah!

seanpitt231040d ago

Been playing it for about 5 hours and it's awesome looks fantastic on the ps4

BG115791040d ago (Edited 1040d ago )

Not really. Where I live they usually release the game one or two days before the official release.
Just went to three big stores. The PS4 is already out of stock. After asking, the salesman told they sold the last ones this afternoon...
This is getting ridiculous.

WizzroSupreme1040d ago

The Witcher 3 looks like another Skyrim in terms of content. Could lose myself in that world for months. Better pack some food for the journey...