Prepare for the sales with £40 PSN gift Card for £34.95

Dealspwn: Want some PSN wallet credit to make sure you've always got some money on hand for those PSN sales? Well, enjoy our pro tip and spend just £34.95 on a £40 gift card. Seems like a no brainer to us. PSN credit can be used to buy games, DLC, season passes, themes, films and TV episodes.

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Blues Cowboy1069d ago

Might put the free £5 towards House Of Wolves. Maybe.

bggriffiths1069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

Does anyone know if PSN credit expires after a while? Might stock up. Actually, same question for XBL credit. I know the MS points balance that were converted to proper money a while back are going to expire on June 1st, just FYI.

MegaRay1069d ago

My psn balance never expired, but I rarely stock more than $50.

WizzroSupreme1068d ago

Hey, that's great! Wish I had one of those last weekend for the Flash Sale.

Rockets121068d ago

The flash sale has ended, but there was this sale going around (seems shady but people were saying its legit- i found out after i bought my two games, so i cant say):

You get 500 sony rewards points, a value of $5, for $3.75. Buy two and you can get a $10 PSN code for $7.50.

(Im not sure if the rules prohibit me from posting this sort of thing, but there it is)