Want JRPGs on Xbox One? "Keep Asking," Phil Spencer Says

Top Xbox boss Phil Spencer has another message for people who want to see Japanese role-playing games on Xbox One: "Keep asking."

That's what he said to a fan recently on Twitter, who asked if there was anything on the JRPG horizon for Xbox One.

"It's a good and fair question. Keep asking until we show you something you like," Spencer replied. "I can't share specific plans now, sorry."

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-Foxtrot1184d ago

Ahhh Lost Odyssey...the real FF13 of last gen

I'd love a sequel but I'd want them to get the sales it deserves so it should be multiplatform.

I know at the time Hironobu Sakaguchi had "beef" with Ken Kutaragi and that but times have changed, hopefully he'll do a game for the PS4 aswell.

christocolus1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Why do i get the feeling that we will see some sort of announcment soon enough? would love a sequel to Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon and maybe get sakaguchi to carry on with Cryon.

kalkano1184d ago

I DON'T want JRPGs on any Microsoft console ever again. X360 killed JRPGs. Why would we want XONE to do the same? Most JRPG fans will not buy Microsoft consoles.

roguedragon11184d ago

Not fan personally so for me no.