Your First Steps in The House of Wolves

House of Wolves is coming this to Destiny this Tuesday, but what should you do first?

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maybelovehate1188d ago

So excited. Upgrading Don't Touch Me, Helm of Saint 14 and Obsidian Mind first. For Weapons, Gjallarhorn and Mida.

emad-E-three1188d ago

For me Heart of PF will be my first light 42 armour (proud to be one of the people got it early, week 6) ;D , Ruin Wings and Mask of T3rd Man.
Weapons first will be Gjallys and Vex, well for 33 shards I'll be doing almost all of the armour/weapons day one!
Tomorrow is a big day considering sadly I won't get TW3 day 1 so it will be a full Destiny focus, Excited.

maybelovehate1188d ago

Nice! I will probably upgrade all my Hunter exotics because I have so much of Class Material, but unfortunately I don't have a ton of Class Material for my Titan and Warlock. Want to save some of it for new items. But I do plan on eventually upgrading them all!

d_hunt1188d ago

Thanks for the comments everyone keep me coming

WizzroSupreme1188d ago

This is a great article. Thanks so much!