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Hoffmann918d ago

Now this movie clip really deserves the title "Teaser" :-(

Brotard918d ago (Edited 918d ago )

The aesthetic looks a lot like rage! i mean probably cause its id and id tech

#wowimreallyexcitedforthishow aboutyouguysandgals!?

DLConspiracy917d ago

Well at least we know it still exists. I bet they will announce the beta will be available to play. At least for all those who picked up Wolfenstein the New Order like they promised.

MrCherry918d ago

Only 12sec what a tease.

TheRedButterfly918d ago

Well "Teaser" /is/ in the title, so... :P

Soldierone918d ago

The tease itself is only like 3 seconds lol

The rest is all text.

TwoForce918d ago

Hell yeah ! Doom is back once more to kill some Demon !

DarkBlood918d ago

Give us dat demoooooooo lol

LOL_WUT917d ago

I'm still waiting on the beta ;)

DarkBlood917d ago

Yeah thats what I meant I platinum wolfenstein on the ps4 and im eagerly awaiting for that beta

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The story is too old to be commented.