The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review | Gamepressure writes: After testing the PS4 version of The Witcher 3, one thing’s for sure – CD Projekt RED has risen to the challenge and created one of the best RPGs of the last several years. Unfortunately, there's a crack on the surface of this otherwise flawless diamond, showing in the form of the game's technical side, which has a negative impact on the reception of the entire production.

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Toiletsteak1008d ago

I keep seeing all this stuff on the Witcher and ads for the Witcher and it is doing my head in, i can't wait for tomorrow i will finally be able to play this.

Lon3wolf1008d ago

I know it's terrible all this exposure but................Witcher you gonna do about it?

I'll leave now, quickly.

starrman19851008d ago

Yeah, I am starting to feel like having the reviews a week before was actually more of a curse!! haha

elninels1008d ago

It definitely revved up the hype train. Which is saying a lot as I felt like hype for this was already rather high.

DEEBO1008d ago

My copy is DL now, 7pm i will be save villages,killing beast and bedding women all in the name of the wild hunt.

starrman19851008d ago

So you'll be supporting the enemy?.... interesting!

DEEBO1008d ago

Damn the wild hunt are the bad guys? My bad just was trying to have some fun with the name.

starrman19851008d ago

No worries! I was just joking about :) but yes, they are!

LOL_WUT1008d ago

I'll definitely be supporting the enemy my first play through ;)