Nintendo Wii-Strap is thicker - Pictures for Proof!

Here is a picture of the new and improved thicker strap for the Wii-mote. This should hopefully prevent people from damaging their $5,000 televisions. Its only a matter of time before we find out if this will work or not...

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tom15954391d ago

but tellies arent broken because the wii-strap brakes... its cos it slips off or people just aren't using it properly.

MicroGamer4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

every story where a Wiimote goes flying is not because the wrist strap itself breaks, it is the thin little piece of string that attaches the strap to the Wiimote that breaks and when people have sweaty hands or they accidentally release their grip a little too much, it goes sailing through the air. Don't use a Wii if you have a plasma TV. Once you crack the screen, it becomes useless because they are filled with gas that leaks out and it's cheaper to buy a new tv than to replace the screen. That's why you see so many people selling plasmas with broken tubes on ebay. They try to trick you into thinking you can fix it, and start the bidding at $1000-$1500 and then tell you a new one costs $5000-$6000 to make you think you are getting a bargain when all it is really worth is a couple hundred dollars for the circuit boards inside and it still costs you a few hundred to ship a broken plasma, so they are not even worth buying for whatever parts can be salvaged from them. Plasma tv's have to be the most idiotic tv technology I have ever seen. Spend thousand for a set, then when it breaks, throw it away and spend thousands again for another one. Some models you can't even buy spare picture tubes for anymore even if you could afford to pay the $3000-$10,000 that most of them cost to replace. Buy an LCD or a DLP projection tv instead.

Torch4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

This may be the case under most circumstances. However, there have indeed been a number allegations of Wiimotes flying o'er yonder as a result of snapped/defective straps.

Nintendo's simply (and justly) tending to some good ol' CYA (Cover Your A$$) corporate tactics, so when the doo-doo (read: lawsuits)hits the fan (and trust me, it will), Nintendo can has some sort of leg to stand on when they recite the phrase that catchy dance song from a few years back:..."Wasn't Me!"

Yet another CYA example is that mass email warning they distributed only days ago concerning this very same issue.

Nonetheless, I'm sure there's no shortage of sleazy lawyers (aren't those synonyms???) who'll be more than happy to take a crack at grabbing themselves a hefty portion of dough from the Nintendo, despite however much the gaming goliath attempts to protect themselves.

I guess lawyers have to justify their planetary existence somehow. I mean, they gotta be good for something despite their questionable reputation, right?

You mould, fungus, and bacteria. (well looky that: yet even more synonyms for 'lawyer'!)

MissAubrey4391d ago

cmon they need to make them a little THICKER than that! Kids get KER-RAZY!

ChickeyCantor4391d ago

have you noticed? only adults have killed the TV, and broke the window.

my little brothers who wur playing like crazy didnt let go 1 time.

Odiah4390d ago

If this is the reason that my wii hasn't arrived yet, then f*ck you nintendo and f*ck you wiitards who can't keep hold of a piece of plastic.

quantae064388d ago

yeah that's good so people cant wien like idoits