Pressure mounts on Sony for this year's E3

DS writes: As expo season hurtles towards us once again, Sony's PS4 has a comfortable lead over Microsoft's Xbox One. But Microsoft's console has a premium Christmas lineup of mass appeal console-exclusive titles including Halo 5, Forza 6, Gears of War Remastered (probably) and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Expect them to market Call of Duty: Black Ops III so heavily as to make it look like an exclusive too.

Microsoft will splash the cash on an intense marketing barrage on our TV, laptop and tablet screens over the all important Xmas holiday season with this selection of familiar brands. As things stand, Sony's Christmas lineup so far is certainly lacking titles to resonate with masses. But this could all change by the time Sony leaves the stage at E3 2015.

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Blues Cowboy1156d ago

Tough one. They would be under a lot of pressure considering the Uncharted delay and Microsoft's upcoming lineup, but their sales lead is so vast that they can throw this one.

bggriffiths1156d ago

I'm a bit worried they'll be too complacent because of that sales lead though. It'd be nice for PS4 owners to have a brace of big-name exclusives (no offense meant towards No Man's Sky and Tearaway) to look forwards to this Xmas seeing as there'll be no Uncharted, Tomb Raider etc.

That said, there's no reason to not enjoy the likes of Star Wars: Battlefront, COD, FIFA, and the like. Or maybe just pick up one of the year's earlier titles on the cheap.

Blues Cowboy1156d ago

No Man's Sky is gonna get some serious love, but Tearaway is no system seller. I suspect that they'll have done deals with a LOT of third-parties this time around, much as they did with Destiny and Watch Dogs.

bouzebbal1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

people really love to write garbage out of nothing. a company is quiet means they have nothing under heir sleeves.
you guys are so clever, really!

@bggriffiths: i have no idea why you are thinking the way you are. Xbox fiscal year is 1 to 2 months long. Their only focus is holiday season to cash in. Sony and Nintendo on the contrary deliver all year long.

You want exclusives, how about Dragon Quest Heroes, Until Dawn, Tearaway, NMS, The Witness, Hellblade, Shadow of the Beast.

Crimzon1156d ago


"I'm a bit worried they'll be too complacent because of that sales lead though"

This is exactly what Microsoft did with the Xbox 360 when it was successful. Their exclusive lineup suffered horribly and consistently looked weak in comparison to the PS3 lineup which was seeing great exclusives games added every year.

It looks like Sony has fallen into the same place that Microsoft did back then, and just like I criticized Microsoft for having a weak exclusive lineup, I'll criticize Sony for doing the same and taking their sales lead for granted.

Nobody thought that the PS3 could overtake the 360 after the huge lead Microsoft had, but they did by putting out great exclusive games constantly, until their library was so good that people were jumping ship or just choosing the PS3 instead. Now it looks like the situation has reversed unfortunately, which is frustrating to see because I always thought that I could count on Sony for a great exclusive lineup. How Microsoft of all companies is somehow beating them so handedly at this has me utterly confused, and disappointed.

I really hope that Sony has something to fill the huge void left by Uncharted.

breakpad1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

while the Xone's announced games until now are not appealing for me, they had a good show ..Sony failed to impress me with its last 3-4 E3 shows (even the masterpiece BBorne didnt have the proper care from Sony at last E3 )...they must show smthing big except the already known U4 and SF5 (GoW 4 doesnt count, never did for me , but now i see that a sequel doesnt excite even the fans)

miyamoto1155d ago

The only ones who are hugely pressured are M$ and guys don't know what PS4 has in store under its sleeve.

PlayStation will fight like a true world champion it really is!

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SoapShoes1156d ago

Why do people list Gears of War as a BIG exclusive this year but crap all over God of War 3 remaster as if it doesn't count? I don't get it...

Godz Kastro1156d ago

Because gears 1 is waaaaaay older than God of War 3..

polow got sol1156d ago

Because people actually want gears, the consensus is that no one asked for god of war.

Loadedklip1156d ago

Probably because Gears of War has a competitive multilayer mode that gives the game tons of replayability.

God of War has no online and honestly ... pretty simply combat for its genre.

Once you beaten a God of War game ... there is little reason to replay it.

StrayaKNT1155d ago

If you have played both you wouldn't need to ask that question

Silly gameAr1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

I have played and own both. I don't get you're point because both were amazing. But, maybe stop acting like Gears is levels above God of War because they're not even comparable.

OB1Biker1155d ago

Yep remastered are remastered in anyway they try to put it. Of course not everyone is interested but the point is the media has double standards

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MrSec841156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

They're not really under that much pressure, considering they've already had great success with Bloodborne, pretty much all of their 1st party studios and a host of external teams are working on new AAA PS4 exclusives.

According to Shinobi602 they're not going 3rd party heavy at E3, quite a few 1st party studios are ready to show what they've been up to.
We know Sony aren't averse to announce a game a mere few months from release.

It's even been stated on MCV that Sony has told the media they have some big AAA exclusives to announce for this Fall, which would make sense if they feel comfortable to delay Uncharted & Ratchet.

GT7 is likely a Holiday 2015 release, considering it's been in the works alongside GT6 for some time.
2 years from GT6 is plenty of time to work on fully detailed assets and basically open up what PD's engine can do.
Optimize it for PS4.

TLG has recently been heavily rumored for this Fall as well.

Sony has a wide variety of outright exclusives coming all throughout this year.
Games that set them apart from the 3rd party fare landing in the Fall.

All of those titles, the inevitable price cut, the 3rd party sales are basically in the bag and then in early 2016 there's a big library major AAA exclusives.

It may be an Indie, but No Man's Sky could very well be the next Minecraft and is sure to be a system seller IMO.

Kurisu1156d ago

One third party game that I really want to see more of at E3 is Hell Blade. The launch trailer for it got me pretty hyped but we've been pretty in the dark about it lately. A new trailer with a release date would be pretty exciting :D

MrSec841155d ago

@Kuirisu: Yeah Hellblade looks very interesting.
Ninja Theory are an awesome studio.

I personally really want new info, footage and release dates for WiLD and Rime, both look utterly phenomenal!
I can see the kind of supposedly smaller titles PS4 getting appealing to a huge range of new gamers coming into the 8th gen.

Those, among the other exclusives either coming, or already on the system, coupled together with the big 3rd party stuff already out and a lower price point will be more than enough to cement PS4's ability to sell the best in Q4 this year.

Like I said though Sony has a lot of AAA exclusives and probably even more interesting smaller games to announce for this year at E3.

PS4 could do with more 1st party AAA stuff or some major 3rd party exclusive this year, but it's not like it'll take a nose dive in sales if it doesn't get more than we've already had announced this year.

_-EDMIX-_1155d ago

"GT7 is likely a Holiday 2015 release" gave me legit LOLZ!

OB1Biker1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

Check out Hellblade official site they keep updating info unfortunately not posted here. I haven't got the link from my phone but you can easily Google it
Edit. Or you can check the only one I tried to submit but wasn't approved which was from their site

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Automatic791156d ago

@Blues Cowboy

Sony is resilient and will find a way to market there system even if this year does not bring many exclusives. What I will say is going by this article and the two titles mentioned Tearaway and No Mans Sky does not seem like the titles I want to play on a Sony System(in my opinion). I want to see Sony go back to its glory days of 2009 and 2012 when they had fantastic games like Uncharted, God of War, Socom and Meta Gear. Here's hoping they bring it at E3.

Xer0_SiN1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

they ohviously dont know sony too well. they usually keep everything under wraps. there are a few exceptions.

rainslacker1155d ago

Doesn't matter. People have already made up their mind about who won E3, and what is what.

I don't really care what Sony shows. I know there are lots of games coming for the PS4 this year because I actually pay attention to what's releasing. Once a month I look into what I want to preorder, and not a month has gone by this year where I don't have 1-2 games being shipped to my door.

I'll enjoy the trailers and announcements from both companies.

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FantasyDeals1156d ago

Fingers crossed! Sony might have a new IP up their sleeve? Possibly a new piece of handheld hardware? Who knows.

Blues Cowboy1156d ago

Haha, if they're going to reveal the Vita 3000, this would be the time! Seems unlikely but you never know.

bggriffiths1156d ago

Ha, I'd pretty much forgot about the Vita 3000. But yeah, if they announce that at a mega cheap price, that'd be pretty cool as the Vita deserves one last push.

Septic1156d ago

Expect Guerilla Games to unveil their new game

Kingscorpion711156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

I'm sure they have plenty of new IP's in the works it's just that they probably won't be release until 2016. Until Dawn might be a sleeper hit

MrDead1156d ago

I don't understand this article, it seems Dealspwn would of been happier if all the PS4 exclusives where saved for a Christmas release.

The article ignores a the entire year of steady exclusive releases that have kept the PS4 selling at an unprecedented rate, which looking at sales numbers have it selling 2:1 over its closest competition. Do you really think Sony is worried about having a slightly smaller sales spike (which is only likely to happen in one region) over Christmas?

bggriffiths1156d ago

Xmas sales are where the vast majority of money is made in the industry, regardless of the quality of games released around the rest of the year. Yes, Bloodborne did very well earlier this year and Witcher/Batman should do well. But Xmas is huge, especially for console sales. It's not unusual to expect a large exclusive to be on a system like the PS4 for Christmas. That said, I'd rather they delayed Uncharted than rush it out for Xmas if it wasn't ready.

It's sad, and I think the industry would be better if releases were spread out more, but that's not the climate gaming finds itself in.

MrDead1156d ago

So you are saying it would be better for Sony if they copied the competition and realised The Order, Bloodborne, No Man's Sky, Ratchet & Clank, Until Dawn, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Tearaway Unfolded, Hellblade.... etc all at Christmas and forgo year round high sales just for the spike (which it will get anyway over the holidays)?

kneon1156d ago

"Xmas sales are where the vast majority of money is made in the industry"

That statement makes no sense. Sure the sales numbers go up, but not enough to make up the "vast majority" of sales for the year. Besides, the profit margins are way down at the end of the year due to the big discounts and game bundling.

_-EDMIX-_1155d ago

....I guess you stopped buying games in spring bud. Sooo Witcher 3 releasing tomorrow...Batman coming out in June...I mean do you really think that fall is the only time for games now? Red Dead, Heavy Rain, GOW III, LA Noire, BloodBorne, Motorstorm etc all released in spring and did pretty damn good in sales. Once again....fall is not the only time for games to release.

I'm very, very happy 6 years ago we began seeing MORE spring, summer releases etc. I just tired of the fall releases and its really a bad habit of the industry, many titles get lost in this push for dominance and this really shows a great maturity in the industry to have big titles releasing all year round.

Gamers play games.....all year round. It makes sense and I think we should be moving towards releases all year round vs 1 time in the fall.

Blues Cowboy1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

Agree in theory, but I think the PS4's success has had less to do with exclusives (which are basically Bloodborne, and Second Son sitting atop a second tier of lesser games IMO) and more to do with Sony's brilliant PR and messaging throughout the last two years. I'm not saying that this isn't deserved, because it is, and I bought one. But now that MS and Ninty have stopped shooting themselves in the foot, the games need to come back into the equation -- and Sony's big gun is delayed.

Still, some great multiplats, awesome downloads and exclusive content to look forward to alongside NMS etc

rainslacker1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

Think it's a combination of a clear message, strong marketing, blunders by competition, having powerful hardware, great developer support, and having games which actually can show off that hardware and make people want to play said games.

Sony has been firing on all cylinders since the reveal, and can't think of a single flub to criticize them over. The worst thing they've done is start charging for online, which not many people make a big deal about because PS+ is a pretty good value without the online requirement.

I think MS has been doing a lot better on all the fronts listed above, and they certainly at least seem to be doing the right thing now, Nintendo less so, but since Sony got such a substantial lead with no sign of slowing down, that the games really aren't going to matter that much unless Sony simply becomes complacent in their position, and MS steps it up even more than they already are.

On topic though, people seem to be trying real hard to make it seem like there won't be any games releasing on the PS4 this holiday. MS has more big exclusives, but there are still tons of multi-plats this holiday, and then there are the 2nd party exclusives which everyone ignores.

Anyhow, E3 is rather non-consequential for the holiday. Sony will be marketing Star Wars along with the movie release, and that will push more systems than all the exclusives MS has combined. I know people will disagree with that, but SW is more recognizable than all those titles by far, and people will recognize the PS logo at the end of every commercial and trailer likely shown in the theaters.

RpgSama1156d ago

I SO agree with you, I don't understand the pressure to have for the Xmas season 4 or 5 big first party releases on top of all the third party games for justo those 2 months.

As a working man (that likes to platinum games) there is absolutely no way for me to even play a 1/4 of the games i'm really interested all year round, even less in those months, I know this is just my opinion but I prefer having game releases more spread out, don't care for the "bad PR".

Sevir1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

Meh! They've been quiet! And that's a good thing.

They Released th Order and Bloodborne, rereleased FFX/X-2, getting ready to Push hard with Batman, They'll rerelease GOW3:R. They Still have NO Man's Sky, they Have Tearaway, they have Until Dawn, Time and Raptor for this year.

I'm sure they'll have some surprise announcements and a few releases for this fall. Much like they had for LBP3 In 2013.

It'll be a good show.

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