A History of the Original Xbox in 10 Facts

Discover the secret history of the Xbox. Microsoft took a bold step into an industry traditionally dominated by the Japanese. They designed and built their very own hardware from scratch. They innovated with new 3D technology and online services and in the process went from green newcomers to legitimate and respected players.

* See who is the uncredited ‘Father of the Xbox.’

* Learn how the Xbox project began and who the team behind it are.

* Watch as the Xbox chassis designer explains the nuclear philosophy behind its conception.

* Learn why the Xbox is so important to Bill Gates’ entertainment strategy

* Meet the two sculptors of the two Xbox controllers and see what inspired them

* Explore the component hardware of the original Xbox’s motherboard

* Know the history of the Xbox’s 3D graphics advantage. GigaPixel, ATI, Nvdia, 3Dfx find out which chip company won the golden ticket.

* Comprehend the innovation of Xbox Live.

* Understand why Xbox has become the phenomenal multi-billion entertainment brand that it is today

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