How Microsoft Can Bring Momentum Back to Xbox One at E3

Can Microsoft catch up to Sony's PS4 sales with a stellar E3 presentation?

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Garethvk1187d ago

Simple, make exclusives that people actually want to play and that justify the cost of the system. They have made some good titles they just need to find new ways to draw people in who do not own a system yet.

VenomUK1187d ago

Phil Spencer has tweeted about more of a focus on exclusives, which is a good thing as it helps differentiate a platform. So I'm very interested to see what games he might have up his sleeve!

I'm really excited about this year. Bethesda and Square Enix will both be having conferences and I think this year will be the year that the new gen properly takes of.

breakpad1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

is the article author Xone fan and biased ??" no company has yet delivered a killer app" are you serious?? wtf is Blooborne?? Driveclub also....when he refers to Sony 's IP performances intentionally leaves out BBorne (lame)...Xone unfortunately needs more than Halo and Gears to reach competition , this time around isnt like X360 where Gears was first seen and a lot of japanese choose the console as they were lazy to exploit pS3 ...and wihtout Japan you wont go anywhere ...though lets see how Scalebound looks and performs

Seafort1187d ago

As long as it isn't paying for multiplatform exclusives to deny games going to other platforms.

That's not how you win people over. It just pisses most people off and condemns the developer to lower sales than it originally would have got being multiplat.

But this is Microsoft of course and they always do something shitty at E3. They don't seem to want to support or create a studio to produce exclusive game but leech off 3rd party developers instead.

christocolus1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )


What are you talking about?

“Xone unfortunately needs more
than Halo and Gears to reach competition”

Why do you guys always skip these?

Quantum Break
State of Decay
Rare new ip
Phantum Dust
Sunset overdrive
Killer instinct


" But this is Microsoft of course and they always do something shitty at E3. They don't seem to want to support or create a studio to produce exclusive game but leech off 3rd party developers instead”

What shitty thing did MS do at E3 last year? Ironic wouldn't you say?You should take a better look at what's going on this gen. MS is actually trying to rely less and less on third party exclusives and partnerships and they aint the only ones doing dlc exclusive content this gen but you don't mention that.what about the ps4 Sf5 full time exclusive deal?isnt that a third party deal? Also you should try to keep up, MS has been expanding their studios and creating new ones. Decisive games, Lxp, State of art etc.

freshslicepizza1187d ago

- bring out the slim model for 299
- focus on exclusives that are exciting and fresh
- drop the parity clause with indie games
- prove hololens is not a gimmick and get consumers to want it
- show the true power of the cloud, less talk more action
- get serious about windows 10 and pc support that uses xbox one as part of the 'family'. meaning buy one licence use on any windows 10 device and allow more games that have cross platform play.

paranoid19711187d ago

@christocolus 50% of the games you have just listed are not Xbox One exclusives.

Microsoft announced for exclusivity for the new Tomb Raider which had previously been announced as multi-platform (i already had it pre ordered on Amazon for PS4)

Street Fighter 5 was announced as a PS4 exclusive from the start.

VenomUK1187d ago


There are two types of exclusives. The GOOD EXCLUSIVES are the games that wouldn't exist without financial backing. Examples include Sunset Overdrive and Bloodborne. These deals are a boon to the industry because they demonstrate investment in an IP and they create jobs.

There are BAD EXCLUSIVES which is where a manufacturer pays money to withhold or deny a third-party game from being released on a rival platform. These are anti-consumer because a financial incentive has been paid to punish gamers who own a console from a different manufacturer. They unnecessarily limit buying options. the money spent restricting purchase options could have been used to invest in developing new games.

Whichever console company you prefer, Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo, bad exclusives are bad for us and bad for the industry and we should always speak up about them.

TheRedButterfly1187d ago


While you aren't wrong about the titles not being fully XO exclusive, the games /are/ exclusive as far as consoles are concerned, and that's what we're all referring to. The majority of gamers don't have a beefy rig AND a console of choice - it's usually one or the other.

However, if we are going to play the game of "it isn't a /true/ exclusive", then you don't get to list Street Fighter 5 or No Man's Sky or any other of those cross-platform titles when you engage in a list-war or whatever, which you are already doing. You can't call someone out for listing Ori or Elite: Dangerous and then turn around and list Street Fighter 5 and No Man's Sky...... You simply can't do that if you expect anyone to take you seriously.

Also, regarding: "Microsoft announced for exclusivity for the new Tomb Raider which had previously been announced as multi-platform (i already had it pre ordered on Amazon for PS4)"

Rise of the Tomb Raider was not announced to be on any platform when it was first revealed. Sure, it was assumed to be on everything by retailers, as its predecessor was on everything, but the fact that it was listed incorrectly by Amazon is not Microsoft's fault, and you can't blame them for said listing.

gangsta_red1187d ago


"Tomb Raider which had previously been announced as multi-platform (i already had it pre ordered on Amazon for PS4)"

Just because Amazon had it listed for PS4 doesn't mean it was going to come out for it. All retail websites list games ahead of time for pre-orders.

"Street Fighter 5 was announced as a PS4 exclusive from the start."

That still doesn't take away that Sony is now paying for games to stay off the competing platform as Seafort pointed out.

I love how everyone was complaining that MS needs more exclusives for their console. Now everyone is complaining how these exclusives are obtained. People reaching for any and all arguments no matter how silly or thin.

AngelicIceDiamond1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

The interesting thing is everyone claims MS had "nothing" the first quarter of this year. But turn the other way when someone mentions Screamride, Ori, State Of Decay and Neverwinter( I know its a timed game)

Like those games don't count but suddenly the AAA's only count. Watch, the AAA's commercial games wont count come holiday.

People yo yo way to bad and here and roll in their own hypocrisy constantly.

As for E3. MS just needs to be bigger and louder with its games. Besides Halo 5 MS needs to show off Rares new games, Quantum Break, Phantom Dust (cross fingers) Scale Bound and Crackdown. Since half those games have been teased for 2 years now.

Just wanna be highly impressed and excited.

Kal0psia1187d ago

I fully agree VenomUK!

No doubt Microsoft is going to bring their best this E3, they're hyping it and doing a great job. The hype train is REAL! xD

Also, my expectations are new third party exclusive IPs for XOne and heavy gameplay with already announced games last E3.

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NuggetsOfGod1187d ago

Create a first party studio invest $100M and give it to kojima?

Khajiit861187d ago

And then do what they did with Rare?

Max-Zorin1187d ago

The Japanese don't even like Microsoft products, why would they even bother with Kojima?

Kingscorpion711187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

Sorry but that's not gonna help it outsell the PS4. This Generation is already over when it comes to outselling the PS4. I suggest they should release their next console a few months earlier with great exclusives next generation. That's the only way and the reason why Xbox 360 was so successful and that the Xbox 360 came out one year earlier lol. Keep in mind Sony will also be prepared and ready.

ThePope1187d ago

The reason the X360 did better than the PS3 has nothing to do with a year head start. It had to do with the fact that it was a better system overall. From the controller, Xbox live, exclusives, to features. It was just an overall better console.

MS may want to outsell Sony, yet may know they cant. Just because they cant outsell Sony doesn't mean they cant have a great and profitable generation. Which is has already started out as.

I get most of you have as much business acumen as a turtle (you included), but this is not a win or lose situation. Its a be competitive situation, which they most certainly are.

remixx1161187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )


You insult his knowledge of business yet he was far more right than you, and all you did was spew some bs. The 360 was not a "better" system and did not only sell based off of better controllers and live....

If you think the year head start didn't help then "you" have the business acumen of a turtle, not to mention it was 200$ cheaper than the ps3 when it finally launched and it was far easier to develop for.

Those^ are the reasons the 360 was winning, which in turn didn't stop the ps3 from turning it around in the end and surpassing the 360 based off of sales.

Not to mention the 360s exclusive support slowed to a crawl 4 years into the gen while Sony kept pumping them out so how did you come to your conclusion??

Kingscorpion711187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

@thepope Hater and trolling

AngelicIceDiamond1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

Sega cemented its legacy through its top notch games. Why do you think fans want Sega to return to AAA gaming on PS4 and X1? Or return to Shenmue bring back Gun Valkyrie, or Otogi? (If only, Though realistically won't happen)

Sales are super important but its the iconic games that CLEARLY mean so much more.

The Wii sold extremely well but didn't have a terrific portfolio of games that people are still currently clamoring over nor talking about. The Wii just has way to much shovelware. But forget all that lets talk about the sales right?

I'm not comparing the PS4 to Wii or nothing like that. But if MS can release great AAA's that will be played and remembered long after this gen is over, then MS won the hearts of gamers. Same with PS4. And people won't really look at how the X1 sold compared to PS4. (considering both are still selling great anyway.)

So all those sales don't tell a great story, great gaming experiences and games is what people talk about at the end of the day.

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Automatic791187d ago

Give us excellent titles, story driven, character developed all around blockbusters.

Be direct with sales

Ensure that Windows 10 delivers

Integrate Direct X12 sooner rather then later

Continue to make meaningful updates

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Septic1187d ago

A decent piece. Exciting times ahead at E3. Can't wait.

Transistor1187d ago

"Can Microsoft catch up to Sony's PS4 sales with a stellar E3 presentation?"

Is this a serious question? No they're not going to close a 10M+ hardware gap with their E3 presentation. I do expect them to have a good E3 though.

mcstorm1187d ago

It depends on how you read it. It dose not say anything about the over all lead but in teams of weekly/monthly sales. That is possible.

As for MS E3 I'm looking forward to seeing what they bring to the table as Microsoft as a company are moving in the right direction in terms of Windows Mobile, Windows 10 and now the xbox brand under Phil and this is the 1st real year where we will see what he has been doing behind the xbox team in terms of Exclusive IP's ect.

Transistor1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

Weekly or monthly in NA, maybe.

Overall meaning worldwide, absolutely not.

Let's keep in mind, the PS4 has not had a price drop yet, which it will later this year.

That will affect sales, more than an E3 presentation.

u got owned1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

Maybe NA and UK, but MS will never be #1 worldwide, I just don't see it happening. Japan is one of the main reasons, they will never be significant in Japan.

green1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

For me, the biggest problem i am facing this gen - and this applies to both Microsoft and Sony - is that there has not been any defining game released that makes you say 'now that is why i bought this system'. I am talking about games that are not just great in looks, but innovate in areas of story, A.I and gameplay.

Think of the first two years of last gen when we got absolute gems like Mass Effect, Gears of War and Bioshock. In fact, when i remember my lauch line up of games on the 360 which included PGR3, Condemned and Call of Duty 2 and i knew iwas playing console way ahead of the previous gen with games that would never be able to run on a PS2 or Xbox. My mouth dropped when i saw the amount of A.I enemy soldiers running towards me in COD2.

The best game i have played this gen is Forza Horizon 2 and that was a game that really did raise the bar for racing games but it could do much more. Bloodbone, is an excellent game but it is an old formula that was done to perfection for the PS4 so nothing really new here.

So for me, i am still waiting to see those games. Here is hoping that this E3 will deliver.

curtis921187d ago

You have to understand that the advancement of consoles and their games is not exponential. While the jump from ps1 to ps2 was mindblowing, the jump from ps2 to ps3 wasn't nearly as earthshattering. Likewise, we're seeing that the jump from ps3 to ps4 is even more similar. There simply won't ever be a jump like there was early on because advancements cannot be expected to keep that pace. Improvements will be smaller and smaller.

Not to mention in general that as we get older, we're more desensitized and things are less likely to blow our minds like they did when we were younger. Which, of course, leads to nostalgia. Which leads to "everything used to be better now it sucks"

green1187d ago

I agree with you but i think that the biggest problem is that developers seem to be playing it safe. I don't know whose fault it is, maybe it is us gamers buying the same old yearly games like COD and Assasins Creed over and over again.

But i still think that deveoplers should use the superior hardware of these consoles not only for graphics but to expand their creative vision to create better and more immersive games.

From what i have seen, The Witcher 3 might just do it for me but i am yet to play it so can't judge. I am looking forward to The Division but i am actually quite sceptical after Ubisoft has been overhyping and under delivering with their big I.Ps recently.

SOme may laugh on this site but i am actually hopeful that cloud gaming tech could be a reality. One that the devs can offset large chunks of processing to the cloud and create large dynamic/ ever changing environments.

I just really want that killer IP (where it comes from, i don't care) because so far this gen, i am really bored.

Macdaddy711187d ago

All this Hololens crap NO!!! Make games to play on TV with a controller.... Leave all the toys to Nintendo...that goes for Sony also...I did not spend $1000.00 on both systems to get toys!!!

IrishSt0ner1187d ago

Halolens isn't even announced for Xbox. It's a standalone device which is going to primarily target the +1 Billion PC owners.

E3 will be all about Xbox games, with maybe some Windows 10 Xbox features.

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