Wii Shines, Xbox 360 Loses Ground writes, big announcements at E3 cannot hide that Microsoft had a rough June with its game console. The Nintendo Wii surpassed the Xbox 360 as the most sold current game console in the United States. Every other game console, including the PSP and Nintendo DS, sold more units. Has the Xbox 360 lost its appeal?

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LightningPS33775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

XBOX 360 now has Final Fantasy XIII also. All XBOX 360 has done since it's release is manage to add every major franchise to it's library and sell the most software.

I don't see Microsoft changing their ways, XBOX 360 isn't going anywhere. It's just the console to own if you want all the best games. If that's not enough, then what is?

If a gaming console isn't about the games, then what's it about? XBOX 360 might go through some tough times, as everyone does. But they have a rock solid plan, "get all the games", they have the strongest idea of all.

Eventually, all gaming will go by one name, and it's Microsoft XBOX. That's just the reality that has to be faced.

Veryangryxbot3775d ago

It lost its appeal last year already.
Thats why PS3 outsells 360 every week, every month.

Wii already surpassed 360 in less than a year.
And people are arguing for the 360? I just lolled. FF13 for the 360 is only good news for the people who already have a 360 as they now have one less reason to buy a PS3 (but in the mean time, 35 new reasons to BUY a PS3 pops up every year).

Those who dont have neither console, will probably opt for the PS3 as it is more attractive and better value for your money.

One final note, noone buys a console for JUST one game. There are literally dozens of reasons to buy a PS3. Waaaaayyyy more than the 360.

silverchode3775d ago

another one of pogs accounts?

kornbeaner3775d ago

Funny part is I think you really believe that.

To each their own.

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Dark vader3775d ago

All microsoft does is buy time exclusives. Everyone knows there strategy and its down right stupid.

Smacktard3775d ago

What's the point of Xbox 360? If you want to play all of the good games, you just need a PC, Wii, and PS3. Where are the good exclusives, Microsoft? Where?

SixTwoTwo3775d ago

Last year the Xbox 360 was arguably the console to own if you were looking for an awesome gaming experience. This year you can have an awesome experience with either the 360 or the PS3. If that isn't losing ground then what is?

Silver3603774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

It is the price. PS3 is selling because the people that brought the 360 are now buying PS3 also and some diehards were waiting for MGS4. In other words Sony is still selling to the harcore while MS has almost exhausted their market of the hardcore, hence their focus on casual games to increase their target market.

Smacktard why would you buy three systems if you can get all that content on one system?

This culture we have now is soo messed up everybody wants instant results and reading lifetime trends out of two months.

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power of Green 3775d ago

PS3's Halo(MGS4) and Forza(GT5)recently launched lol.

LOL at comparing the handheld market to the console market for the first time; that I can remember.

Tmac3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

MGS4 isn't even first party, listen, for a person who's arguably the most retarded Xbox 360 fanboy this website has, why are you so flippin' stupid? At least research a little bit so you can sustain instead of fail with every comment you make.

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Hellsvacancy3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Theres nothin more 2 say the 360's bein out sold week after week month after month

PoSTedUP3775d ago

the wii will always shine. it came out cheaper than a console last gen!......i think...... well it came out at 250$ and thats cheaper than the ps2 and the xbox last gen. the wii is cool though.

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