Batman Arkham Knight 'only' has 243 Riddler Trophies


"So good news for those of you who will obsessively hunt down those pesky Riddler Trophies in Batman Arkham Knight. 243 of the glowing green rewards are waiting for you in Gotham. After the staggering 440 up for grabs in Arkham City if you played as both Batman and Catwoman, this is practically a holiday."

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ox_ADRlAN_xo1277d ago

Between this, the witcher 3, farming simulator 2015, and rocket league. My wallet is empty and my summer schedule is full

ISHU1277d ago

I know that feeling bro..

Septic1277d ago

"farming simulator 2015"


egidem1277d ago

Farming Simulator 2015?... Odd choice

ox_ADRlAN_xo1277d ago

Don't knock it until you've tried it. Everybody has different tastes, and diversity is good or life would be boring.

egidem1277d ago


Agreed :)

itsjustexuma1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Something tells me that there will be A LOT of patient interviews and riddles to solve

kayoss1277d ago

243 riddler trophies is still a lot. I always hated getting these. I try to complete games by doing all the side quests and missions. But when it comes to getting these, i give up half way.

TeamLeaptrade1277d ago

I agree 100% with you on this. It's a bit overkill to have 243 Riddler trophies to collect. I think 50 is as good amount. Never was a fan of collecting a ton of items in games like this, but I will try to collect some. I have no interest in collecting every single trophy in game, cause there's no time for that, haha!

Batnut001277d ago

Aww is it a bit masochistic to say that I LOVED collecting all those trophies and that I'm dissapointed that there won't be as much this time?

jb2271277d ago

If so, i'm a masochist right along w/ you. I even collected all of the pointless 'Enigma Items' in Arkham Origins, only to get the lamest prize of all time. Hopefully the fewer trophies isn't because another 100 will only be available by pre ordering the ungodly dlc deal. I was looking forward to just picking & choosing the actual story bits that I wanted from it.

Minute Man 7211277d ago

Only 243? For a game five times the size of Arkham City they probably have different trophies

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