Work in Progress Video Fires Up Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo E3 Rumours

E3 is about a month away, which means rumours will arrive with great regularity. Another is now doing the rounds about a potential E3 show; while potentially exciting, it's important to break it down and realise that, actually, it may not be entirely accurate.

The source of this buzz is a presentation from NAB 2015, a major convention run by the National Association of Broadcasters in the US. This show ran in April, and one of its presentations was given by Brett Morris of media company Capacity, in which he showed techniques for producing a flashy video. The reason the likes of NeoGaf are excited is the fact that the project on show appears to be for an E3 broadcast.

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MSBAUSTX1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Interesting. I will always speculate when Miyamoto's name shows up anywhere. You never know what it can mean. Cant wait to find out.

Nevers0ft1246d ago

Doesn't seem particularly newsworthy, it's just a sizzle reel. It doesn't even appear to be for any specific publisher or developer (considering Nintendo and Naughty Dog flash past)... It's likely just some E3 catch-up show for IGN or similar.

Nevers0ft1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

Not one of those disagrees is prepared to postulate what the video really is for?

WizzroSupreme1246d ago

Well, we can only hope Miyamoto-san has something up his sleeve – and a lot more than just a blurry pre-alpha Starfox video. Fingers crossed!

ritsuka6661246d ago

It looks Nintendo will reveal NX in closed doors...

Loadedklip1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

They should to publishers/developers at the very least.

Nintendo has to fix it's multi problems built over multiple generations with third parties.

They can't just secure UBIsoft and Activision and a little EA ... they need to secure every single publisher that backs Sony and Microsoft systems at the same time.

If not ... core gamers (IN GENERAL) will notice a lineup that isn't as reliable as what they get on competetion systems and once again ignore Nintendo's latest console.

If this NX even is a home console. We will see.

ozstar1245d ago

Looks like Starfox obviously.