Driveclub 1.15 Update Now Live; Approx 300MB, Raises Level Cap To 55 & More

The 1.15 update for PS4 Exclusive Driveclub is now live and is approx. 300MB in size. The update raised the driver level cap to level 55 and adds support for the Lamborghini Icons Expansion Pack.

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crazychris4124979d ago

Would like to see classic muscle for the next expansion pack.

VER1ON979d ago

I've asked for the GT-R so many times that its beginning to hurt.

C-H-E-F979d ago

they made the japanese pack then released american muscle cars... I was PISSED... I want my GTR that's all a man needs :(

proud 350gt coupe owner :D


Been waiting for the mustang and ford gt, you would think the Japan tracks would have been perfect time to add the gtr...

WitWolfy979d ago

I wonder if they'll ever add those driving assist arrows for us casual racers? That will make me SO happy.

979d ago
sovkhan979d ago (Edited 979d ago )


It has gone a long way but it's there now, DC is in its own league, unmatched!!!

Brisco979d ago ShowReplies(1)
Speak_da_Truth979d ago

The support is unparalleled and I just jeep on playing it. Like others are saying we need some Japanese cars and some Ford love as well.

outsider1624979d ago

i just ordered the game.what i want to know is how's the online? how does it work? are there still people playing online?
psn id: outsider1624, feel free to add me

badz149979d ago

there are still lots of players online. if you're new to it, it's actually pretty simple. you hope online and join session and just wait for the race to start. just like that.

I just got off myself after almost 20 races but today is the day of endurance races and time trials separated by team races but I am not too much into those. there was this buggy race day a couple days ago and man...I dominated those buggy noobs all day! I won so many buggy races in a row I lost count LOL.

outsider1624978d ago

ah..then thanks dude! i don't have to cancel it then. was worried that there are gonna be less players because of the launch issues etc.

on it's way...along with the Witcher3. Wooooo!!!

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