Even the standard edition of The Witcher 3 is a generous package

Developers leave humble message of thanks to all those who have bought the game.

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Yi-Long1226d ago

... while so many other greedy developers these days will only see my cash (20-30 tops) once they release a cheap complete/GOTY edition.

LackTrue4K1226d ago

I have not followed this game much, but I have not Hurd of any DLC for this game...?

Can't new games be released without DLC??

Sethry1011226d ago

There are 16 Free DLC's and then there are 3 or 2 (I can't remember) full expansions.

lategamer1226d ago

Tons of free DLC (16 pieces).

Two proper (paid) full expansions with plenty of play time. One contains a complete new area I believe.

_-EDMIX-_1226d ago

"Can't new games be released without DLC??" Yes...but why? Soo...make less money?

I don't really get the idea of dlc being bad. Its extra content, you don't need to buy it and its not as if without was going to be in the final game. It was made to be sold. Its existence is based on being sold, they have to pay the team some how.

Games cost more to make now days and technically make less then 15 years ago as games have stayed around the same price for quite a while now.

I'll take a $60 with dlc, then a $80 game....with dlc.

Understand that you'll be getting some dlc regardless if the game cost $60 or $80. But development changes every gen, more detail, more complexity etc....we can't expect that games are really JUST worth $60 anymore...more goes into ie more time, that time must be billed, thus...more money.

Lots and lots of reasons why DLC is helping the industry stay afloat. I don't buy it often, but GOTY editions help too, don't see it as solely "dlc"

GOTY is helping them, special editions is helping them, merely google or check on Amazon on a game....

Now...see JUST how many versions of that game exist with small differences. Some maps here, enhanced, extra features etc.

All that is still post launch content, I'm not sure why folks think dlc is something new, the only new thing about it is actually that its fully downloadable.

If you got the "gold edition" of game, "GOTY" edition of a game, or hell back in the day the "ultimate edition" of a very much paid for post launch content.


or classic goty editions


and my first expansion I ever bought in 1997!

Method of distribution is a bit difference but the concept is just the same. Post launch content. Its been around for a while, though its called "dlc" now, its not really any different from back in the day and even if some suggest publishers are stripping content....I'm sorry but thats not really known more today as it might have been back then (ie same can be said about even back then). I don't worry about that much as....I mean we will never actually know such information and really, who cares? One can never really fully assure someone that it wasn't "held back" or "cut" from the main game. To stress over that I feel is a bit much. The DLC for Witcher 3 sounds pretty meaty as the main game is already larger and longer then any witcher to 100%.

The DLC is just icing on top.

_-EDMIX-_1224d ago

LMFAO! At the phantom disagrees....

I see many on here are quick to disagree...yet have no real rebuttal for the raise of game development, history of post launch content etc.

Too funny.

I see N4G will just stick with the classic (we need 40 maps at launch, no dlc, all for $20 please) lol.

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Ninver1226d ago

Dude they had my money at "free DLC" this is how it's suppose to be done. The paid crap comes long after the game has released

Razputin1226d ago

I've gotten games with the season pass/dlc for less than $30 before release date.

Don't assume Gamestop or Steam are the only places you can get games. There are tons of other legit places to get games.

I got Mortal Kombat with the Kombat pass for $24 weeks before release, and countless other titles for about the same price.

But this company got my money in 2 ways, I bought the Steam version for extremely cheap and the $150 Collector's Edition on top of the Collector's guide.

This is one of the few companies that truly deserve it from the fans.

Hellsvacancy1226d ago

I'm sitting at the door like a dog with his tail wagging waiting for either Bloodborne or Witcher 3 to be delivered

Jozinho1226d ago

Either one, you are going to be super super happy.

Hellsvacancy1225d ago

It came earlier dude, played it for an hour, it's awesome, died a few times already, in the very first room I jumped off the balcony, oops

Dynasty20211226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

They've sold their soul to Sony and MS with the consoles.

Give them a few years and they'll be less caring as their company grows. Always happens to small companies that become big.

The amount of hate from PC players against CDPR these days is testemony to that - CDPR are a PC developer, and they won't admit they had to downgrade because of consoles when it's so bloody obvious.

2013's reveal of TW3, before they even knew what PS4's specs were, showed an insanely beautiful engine.

Look what we have now. It's a joke, and all because of god damn consoles.

Because of consoles, we've taken one small, relatively unknown PC developer, known for their "we will always love PC" mentality and kindness and skill, and bam, one deal later and their credibility all goes to **it.

wegetsignalx1217d ago

Console sales made the Witcher 3's budget possible. PC gaming market can't support AAA sized games on its own. EA, Ubisoft, Take Two, and Activision games regularly sell vastly more on console than PC. That is the reality you must accept.

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moegooner881226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Best game case package I have purchased in years tbh. Well done CD PR

LOL_WUT1226d ago

It comes with a slipcover kinda like a blu-ray NICE!! Cant wait to get my copy tomorrow ;)

moegooner881226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Double post. Here, have this in game screenshot instead ;)

MrCherry1226d ago

You get all that for a SD game! I like.

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