Jaw-Dropping PS4 Driveclub Screenshots Show How Amazing The Game Looks

A set of amazing screenshots for PS4 Exclusive Driveclub shows how jaw-dropping the racer by developer Evolution Studios really is.

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leogets1280d ago

Yeah definatly the best looking driving game out there on any platform period by far

VER1ON1280d ago

The amount of detail is truly insane, each time I have to check twice to see whether I ain't watching a new episode of Top Gear.

medman1280d ago

Top Gear looked good, except when Clarkson was on screen. Then, not so good. He looks like a honey badger went to town on his mug.

IamTylerDurden11275d ago

Simply the best looking racing game on the market. This game is fantastic, it is so much better now than when it released critics should re-review it.

IamTylerDurden11274d ago

This season pass is a great deal.

IamTylerDurden11274d ago

Best racer imo since Project Gotham.