X06 Mass Effect trailer online

As promised yesterday, the X06 demo video has been released today by BioWare. This highly anticipated RPG/FPS is finally in the picture today, and making a very good impression in this latest video. The X06 demo video was only showed behind closed doors, and is now finally gone public for every gamer to see.
You can check out the trailer via the link below, or download it from Xbox Live Marketplace.

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devv054364d ago

I already love this game, can't wait! 2007 is gonna be sooo cool :D

Anerythristic264364d ago

Thanks for posting this great article / trailer. Mass effect a FPS ? First time I have ever heard it called that.

devv054364d ago

It actually a new genre, a mix between a FPS and RPG (and maybe even a racegame with the vehicles :P) It's not a pure FPS game but certainly has some FPS influence.

The Snake4363d ago

Mass Effect is actually played in third person from behind the back like in Gears of War or Lost Planet. It's a RPG/TPS in that order.

shotty4364d ago

Its a FPSRPG, you can explore an entire galaxy, its kinda like Halo meets Oblivion. Theres vehicles in it aswell that you can drive, the visuals are jawdropping. I'm downloading the HD video off the marketplace as I type.

eques judicii4364d ago

This game may revolutionize the RPG world... it really is nex gen!!

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The story is too old to be commented.