Readers Respond: Fallout 4 Hype Leads In E3 Enthusiasm Poll

Yesterday, we asked our readers to chime in about which E3 press conference has them most excited. The responses are clear, and one company has gamers expecting a lot.

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wakeNbake1221d ago

If Fallout 4 isnt announced there will be Martial Law in Los Angeles that day.

EazyC1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

If that happens I will personally be giving Pete Hines a drumhead trial, proceeded by death by crucifixion, ave, hail to Caesar!

Brotard1221d ago

Valhalla awaits you chrome and shiny!


gangsta_red1221d ago

I will personally hold my own private riot in the comfort of my surroundings.

Brotard1221d ago

Absolutely that's why I think if they only show it behind closed doors, it will be a big black eye for Bethesda. People will riot in the streets! I know I will. I'm taking the whole week after off to recover from my fallout 4 orgasm!

-Foxtrot1221d ago

If they don't announce it then I'm sorry but Bethesda will have lost their minds.

The hype is there, they have an audience who wants it, may aswell show it off.

Please have a November release.

I don't want this to be something that's announced and we won't see it untill late 2016

aLucidMind1221d ago

It's without a doubt that they're going to announce Fallout 4 this year. It's right at that time where they'd typically make an announcement.

EazyC1221d ago

I know quota sampling is not indicative of the whole gaming community, but it's really impressive that a game developer could eclipse the companies it produces for, in terms of public interest.

SouljAx3601221d ago

They pretty much have to do something FO4 related. Even if it's just a couple screenshots of some finished areas of the game they have to reveal something. Of course, Doom 4 hype is pretty strong for me too they just released that Doom trailer video so that got me pretty excited.

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