Sony's PlayStation DualShock Controller Inspired Russia's New War Tanks

Most gamers would probably feel right at home in the new Kurganets-25 Russian tank - it's controlled by a game pad.

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silver-ten1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

and they say "sony doesn't have any innovation"

chrish19901105d ago

Just waiting for the facebook mums to say this proves gaming is violent...

Hellsvacancy1105d ago

It's screwed if it's battery powered

andibandit1105d ago

Well tbh i'd be surprised if they choose an american product.

fayz61105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

... well they don't... the ds4 is a copy of xbox controller and same with everything ps4 has is on xbox 360. party chat for eg.

Nicaragua1105d ago

That's nice dear, now run along and try not to say anything else stupid.

johndoe112111105d ago

Where the heck do you people come from?

MasterCornholio1105d ago

Isnt the DS4 a copy of the DS3? But instead of making the controller worse they made it better.

I honestly dont see how the DS4 resembles the XB1 controller. They seem pretty different to me.

Heck the only controller that i would say that borrowed from the Xbox controller is probably that Pro Controller for the Wii U.

Pastorfuzz1105d ago

Looks like the aliens were spraying the "stupid dust' over your house last night!

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theHazzRaz1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

I kinda find it funny

crazychris41241105d ago

Can't wait for the next gen of tanks to use mouse and keyboard

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