Destiny HoW - Connection interruptions and lost player progression warning

With Destiny’s second expansion comes a wealth of new additions to the game. However, play will be interrupted for avid Guardians as Bungie warns of connection interruption issues and possible lost player progression.

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plut0nash1305d ago

Yeah, online only play is a major problem.

Sillicur1305d ago

Indeed, but arg, it happens to every MMO, nothing new i guess

Blues Cowboy1305d ago

Not sure if you can call Destiny an MMO. It's a traditional shooter with some small social spaces, tiny co-op missions bizarrely called 'Raids' and online-only DRM.

Hey, I love Destiny, but let's not pretend it's an MMO. I play those too and they're totally different experiences.

HoldenZA1305d ago

This game has been nothing but errors for me. I could only play the game after they resolved all their bugs. By that time everyone was too high level for me to play with, so I lost interest.

Destiny has been a huge disappointment for me :(

akurtz1305d ago

All the bugs? And sure you lost interest. Its not mot that hard to lvl up

KyRo1305d ago

Of all the things Destiny did wrong with the story and lack of content, you have to give them credit for the polish it had. Yes it's had minor bugs but nothing in comparison to some of the huge bugs, some even game breaking bugs that we've had in recent years.

I can't wait to play HoW's tomorrow. After a few months break from it and giving it a whirl yesterday, I'm ready to dive back into it.

bananaboats1305d ago

I'm sorry man but that a lame excuse to not play. The bugs arent game breaking and it isnt that difficult to lvl up and catch up to others. We're talking a few lvls not like 40 or 50 lvls.

GenuineGamer1305d ago

Title makes it sound worse than it is. Pretty much any bounties you have going will be reset when house of wolves drop by the sounds. You shouldn't lose your actual player progression.

rezzah1305d ago

Thanks for the clarification. Not sure if the article already states that, but I can't access the page right now.

TwoForce1305d ago

I need to finish the stuff which I have a lot of engrams before it's ready to update.