Mega Deal: Xbox One Game of Thrones - The Complete First Season Just $4.99

Telltale Games haves done a great job in bringing the Game of Thrones franchise to life in their episodic take on the beloved series, a series which you can enjoy for the paltry price of $4.99.

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poppinslops1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Good for you... so far it's been my favourite Telltale game, but GoTs is my all-time favourite show, so yeah.

I've never payed for a season-pass before, but $22 for this was a no-brainer... Even if I'd known the price would drop this low, I'd have never had the patience to wait.

Episode 4 is due out any day now, and the show just aired it's latest... speaking of which - time for me to pay the 'Iron Price'.

Rupert Murdoch be damned!

doritos1225d ago

Congrats! That is an amazing price. Too bad I don't have a Xbox as I would also buy it.

Hope this deal comes to ps4.

Mrveryodd1225d ago

Only watched the first 2 ep of the show , i couldn't get into it. Would like to know if you need to , to play the game as its great value.

aPerson1225d ago

It's not a show you can get into in just two episodes... but yes, knowledge of what's going on in the show does help.

aPerson1225d ago

What's with the disagrees? The game is set (mostly) during the 4th season. Of course knowing what's happened so far helps.

Mrveryodd1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Thankyou .... The disagree's are by nobs who just disagree ,no matter what you write. Bubble for you ....;)

TheRedButterfly1225d ago


I disagree... That opening was enough to get me all sorts of hot and bothered!

Of course, I'm a huge medieval fantasy buff, so I can get into just about anything like GoT.

OT: Great find OP! Glad to finally be picking this up. Been wanting to since release, but couldn't bring myself to for one reason or another.

poppinslops1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Yeah, it's primarily set during the show's 4th season, and whilst it tells a mostly 'separate' story, a knowledge of the world and it's characters can be the difference between a 'good' or 'bad' decision.

Give the show another chance... the first few episodes are a little heavy-handed in their approach to introducing so many characters, but it really starts to pick up around episode 5 and just keeps on improving throughout the seasons.

Immorals1225d ago

Read the books. Best fantasy series since lotr imo

TheOnlyMastrx1225d ago

So tempting, but I will wait for it to be complete and come out with a disc version.

LilMassacre1225d ago

I went to go buy it and price is the normal price for season pass. :(

TeamLeaptrade1224d ago

Best time to get it then. I've played through every episode so far and I really like it. The first episode was kind of boring for a while, but it got better. I'm excited to see how the season ends. Really like that there are 6 episodes too. For $4.99 you can't go wrong.

Immorals1224d ago

That end to the first episode though.. Wow.

TeamLeaptrade1221d ago

I liked the ending of EP 1 as well. It was just the beginning and middle that felt off to me.