Enough is enough: down with Konami

Konami has done everything in its power to alienate everyone humanly possible. At this point, they can just f*** right off.

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BrandanT1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Thanks Konami. You just showed the world how to get rid of respect and gratitude in a few moves.

Step 1: Disappoint
Step 2: Get rid of most respected official
Step 3: Announce future disappointment

AndyWeiss331225d ago

It's so sad to see firsthand how few shits the companies we support give about us.

Ike_Broflovski1225d ago

Then stay off poker machines, a large percentage of them are made and programmed by Konami.

ThunderPulse1225d ago

If they cared about you they would have kept Kojima.

freshslicepizza1225d ago

from the article,
"Making games just to make money is, quite frankly, a hideous concept to me."

konami doesn't owe anyone anything. so let's begin there. we have all enjoyed their games throughout the years and if they want to go in a different direction (going mobile) then that is on them. so whatever they do it's their decision because we do not own the company. just because we bought their games doesn't mean we decide what they should do.

it sucks but there are hundreds if not thousands of other games made every year.

Magicite1225d ago

Last good Konami game that I have played (which doesnt involve H.Kojima) - I cant remember one...

Angels37851225d ago


That was great!

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titans99991225d ago

I bet you Kojima will start his own company, he doesn't need the idiots at Konami...if it wasn't for him they would have gone out of business a long time ago!

AndyWeiss331225d ago

I certainly hope so! If he does, I'd be as excited as I have been about any AAA company in years, just to see what he can do with full financial and creative control.

Nio-Nai1225d ago

That's not even remotely true.

They started in 1973 with amusement games like arcade machines.

And because of the actual costs of modern video games (*being in the hundreds of millions of dollars*) It's starting to move towards the same area as the industry with movies like TRON and Avatar which drive companies bankrupt (*especially the 3D teams behind them*)

The industry is too big now, the costs are so high that 1 failed high budget title can destroy a company.

This is the best move they can make to ensure that their company doesn't go under, and not a handful of gamers is worth more than the lively hood of over 5000 employees and associated employees through family companies.

AndyWeiss331225d ago

Right, Konami definitely doesn't need him to succeed as a business. Super Bunnyhop's video shows how much more money they make in their various other enterprises. However, they probably do need him to be a critical success in the console world... which they seem set on abandoning anyway.

Angels37851225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

I'm sorry man, but that is pure ignorance....the video game industry, and in particular the AAA video game industry is but MAYBE 1/100th of their business.

They pretty much own the machines in most gambling institutions around the world.

Not to mention the fact that putting all your eggs in AAA games these days can be very risky as Nio-Nai said above.

One failed game can ruin a company these days similarly to the film industry especially with dev times and costs on the rise. Not to mention the fact that like most big AAA devs Konami has a handful of games in the pipeline.

That is one of the reasons I commend Activision from a business standpoint. Granted they dish out tons of money, but they have figured out this industry in terms of profitability. Lots of releases multiple times a year.

Now is that a good thing in terms of quality of game etc? in my opinion no, but it works.

Josuey1225d ago ShowReplies(6)
Skankinruby1225d ago

This was ever in question? Konami isn't burying themselves they want out just as much as everyone wants them gone. The only thing to hope for is someone getting a hold of their franchises as continuing to give them the love they deserve.

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