Here’s when The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt unlocks

Pixel Dynamo talks specifics for global launch times.

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Nitrowolf21247d ago

This is f'n awesome, games available tomorrow afternoon

camel_toad1246d ago

So close but the wait is killllling me. Been going through Deus Ex HR for the millionth playthrough just to kill the time.

diehardmetallicafans1246d ago

its not 'killing time' when your playing the masterpiece - Deus Ex HR

fiveby91246d ago

Yep, down to the man cave this evening. I'll need to shave days growth by the time I emerge. ;)

Valenka1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Good and that's how games should 'unlock' in my opinion. It's ridiculous that people have to wait until 3am just because a company goes by Pacific time.

But I have to ask, what is their source for this information and how accurate is it? I did some research and it seems like this is the only source of release times.

wakeNbake1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

The timer on my PS4 preload confirms this.

slappy5081246d ago

Vegamyster', where do you find the countdown timer on steam, I don't see any?
Anyways going by this page the game will be ready at 1am my time, roughly 18'hours from now. Sucks that I'm working tomorrow , But a mans gotta Witcher

Vegamyster1246d ago


Its says on the Witcher 3 store front:

"Available: 18 May
This game will unlock in approximately X hours"

slappy5081246d ago

Ah of course! I was looking in my library instead of the store, thanks !

Valenka1246d ago

Thanks for the confirmation. :)
Of course, I did further research after making that comment and found more supporting evidence, but couldn't edit my comment to reflect that fact, lol

fiveby91246d ago

Oddly, my GOG timer differs from these accounts. My GOG timer currently shows ~10 hours which puts me at midnight US EDT. This does not correspond to a midnight BST global release. I emailed GOG support and they confirmed the release time. So either this is a GOG difference or the other information is incorrect.

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crazychris41241246d ago

7 pm is a great time to unlock, love when companies unlock the games early so you can actually play it without having to stay up till the early morning

Elit3Nick1246d ago

6 pm for me ^^, I'm going to be an impatient man tomorrow...

Kalebninja1246d ago

well if anyone has the gog galaxy beta it has a countdown timer for when the game unlocks. the timer has been on since the pre loads started so this has been known for days.

WeAreLegion1246d ago

Wonderful idea! Games should unlock in the afternoon or evening. Staying up until midnight doesn't work for me anymore since I got a big boy job.

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The story is too old to be commented.