The Witcher 3 day 1 patch on PC improves vegetation and shadows

It’s no secret that the PC version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt appears to lack the kind of future-oriented features that PC gamers have come to expect from CD Projekt Red. The PC footage we’ve seen thus far comes from a preview build that was sent out to the media.

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T9001282d ago

My preorder remains cancelled until i see game reviews on the PC build.

affrogamer1281d ago

wait, so u think the reviews on PC build are going to be any different cuz of better graphics or 60fps?

brich2331281d ago

I'm sure its because he doesnt want to buy a broken unoptimized game.

GreetingsfromCanada1281d ago

Remember, graphics are what allowed Crytek to achieve video game perfection and became the dominant studio in gaming

Mariusmssj1281d ago

Pretty much all reviews say it's one of the best RPG's ever made and people are having a hissy fit about grass. Not defending CDPR on the graphics but people are using the graphics and pitty excuse to say "cancelled my pre-order".

1281d ago
methegreatone1281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

"Remember, graphics are what allowed Crytek to achieve video game perfection and became the dominant studio in gaming"

I think you're being sarcastic, but there was a time when amazing gameplay made Crytek king of the fps. Grahpics, gameplay, simulation, INTERACTIVITY.

I don't hate consoles. I think they've brought a ton of amazing experiences to the table However, Crysis was one of those franchises that suffered with the move to consoles.
Graphics were kind of dumbed down, but what really suffered were the gameplay and simulation and interactivity.

Talk about good gameplay. Crysis 1 and Warhead were downright mindblowing in that respect. It helped that they were also the best looking games ever made at the time.

I shudder to think where fps games would be today if Crytek stayed on PC.

I do NOT think the same is true for CDPR for TW3. There's been a graphics downgrade, which is unfortunate, but their gameplay remains as complex as ever, with even more going on than before. Which is why TW3 is still going to be kickass on PC.

mikeslemonade1281d ago

Crysis was at the top for a very short time. You play shooters for the multiplayer. I mean there's not that many people who will play these FPS single player games over and over again.

Now back on topic, the PC version should get a lower rating for having only marginally better graphics. On PC we expect more. Console version gets a 92 so the PC version should get like a 89.

People don't seem to get that platforms have different standards. If it's on a stronger platform it should look obviously better. Otherwise you should deduct points. Afterall graphics is a element of a game.

someOnecalled1281d ago

Actually crytek downfall was console. They downgrade crysis to the point of no return now look at them. This gen is either going to be really short or it going to be a lot of spinning by devs once people notice that thing are becoming more limited. You have to realize a lot of these devs have been working on much better hardware years before the consoles released. Case and point cdproject they removed so many feature and look at the witcher 2 not only fanboys downplayed how good it looked last gen but it still look better than most games today what that tell you about the tech in these consoles if an old game like the witcher 2 looks better than most

thekhurg1280d ago

If most PC gamers keep acting like him, developers will drop support for the platform all together.

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kingeliran1281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

OMG you cancelled the preorder of an epic game that offers over 200 hours of gameplay amazing graphics story and gameplay because a 5% downgrade ?!

OB1Biker1281d ago

People going 'preorder cancelled' in comments are funny. As if anyone cares

_-EDMIX-_1281d ago

I don't know bud, thats 5% less fancy grass, 5% less fancy shadows.......those things really make a game I mean...A REAL GAME! Without those, might as well score this game a zero.

Tzuno1281d ago

Smart man, glad not everyone is in the hype train, first see with your eyes and then trust the internet.

kingeliran1281d ago


wraith49121280d ago

Good stuff, I guess it hit to close to home for some.

Dustinf111281d ago

How noble.

...everyone else goes back to playing an amazing game.

USMC_POLICE1280d ago

You are missing out I just got access on my pc about an hour and a half ago. Don't be stubborn so far my mind is blown.

Kal-V31280d ago

Here's a review. I'm playing this on my hd 7970, All Ultra, 1080p-30+fps, no hairworks and it looks and plays amazing!

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DevilOgreFish1282d ago

A GTX680 could have handled this at ultra settings at 60 fps. this doesn't look anywhere near as Crysis 3's level. I'll probably just have to wait for the enhanced edition. the enhanced edition of 1 and 2 were pretty good.

Khronikos1281d ago

Doubt there is going to be an enhanced version. The other two games were not even close to finished on release. I bet we get patches on PC though.

GreetingsfromCanada1281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

It looks like they color corrected it

Edit: Did not see the field of wheat, however they did mostly change the coloring

AlokTheDemon1281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

grass looks damn 2d, lighting and water are messed up, nothing like next gen. 2013 trailer was something next gen but god knows why they couldn't make it up.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

Tbh not sure if my memory is wrong but I really feel like those witcher 3 screens don't look much better than witcher 2. Normally I wouldn't complain but for 2 years now they've been hyping the crap out of this game, saying the graphics are amazing and like never before seen, showing gameplay videos after gameplay that prove what they're saying than boom 1 week before launch they show us a completely different looking game.never thought cdprojekt would go down to ubisoft a level. :( I still have this pre ordered on pc but can't not say I'm extremely disappointed in cd projekt. Should have just been honest with us from the get go.

@reynod pretty much but the difference is crytek gameplay and story was sub par. Witcher has gameplay and story on its side and it has unlocked FPS so it's not that doom and gloom, but cd projekt was one if the trustworthy devs just thought for sure the previous gameplay videos would be the end result.

reynod1281d ago

Crytek pretty much did the same with PC gamers. Look at where they are today, out of business.

methegreatone1281d ago

Crytek completely dumbed down their games. They were still good games, but remember that it's not the graphics that suffered most. It was gameplay, complexity, physics and simulation, and overall interactivity that really suffered.

CDPR's PC version is still going to be a kickass PC game ! Yes there is a huge graphics downgrade, which should get CDPR some flak. However, gameplay and complexity has only grown from previous games.

Also, I really don't think CDPR will ship the PC version with the Start screen saying "Press A to continue", (shame on Crytek).

Dude4201281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

I don't understand this trend now where some of you think the Witcher 3 doesn't look as good as 2, that's insane.

Even with the claimed downgrade, the Witcher 3 still has...

- Better lighting
- More subtle bloom effects
- Better weather effects
- Better animations
- Better character models (even the faces are a huge improvement)
- A much larger viewing distance
- Open areas rather than bounded ones
- Better colouring
- etc...

The witcher 2 was a great looking game when it first came out, but good lord, what has the gaming community come to when some start thinking the Witcher 3 looks worse than 2. *SMH*

kraenk121281d ago

they already made a statement that they had to compromise because their team was too small and the budget to low to work on two totally different versions of the game for PC and consoles. perfectly reasonable and I don't get those whiners when the game still looks better than any other open world game. pathetic.

Meltic1281d ago

the game looks MUCH better with the day 1 patch. Shadows and even the grass looks better. Looks equal to 2013

NatureOfLogic_1281d ago

"the game looks MUCH better with the day 1 patch."

Lol, No It doesn't. It just looks like a different time of day or color correction.

Meltic1280d ago

playing it now with day 1 patch and it sure looks better than the older built that was played by ANGRYJOE and others

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