Sony Now Reports All Services Up And Running

As of 9:44 a.m. Pacific / 12:44 p.m. Eastern, Sony is reporting all services up and running. Previous problems with sign-in and account management have been rectified.

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SourtreeDing1222d ago

was never really down for me

Relientk771222d ago

Same, I've had no problem getting online

Silly gameAr1222d ago

Me either, but apparently it affected some more then others, but these issues still get treated as a wide spread problem.

Transistor1222d ago

Pretty sure it was only a few hours, Ksar.

nicksetzer11222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

It was on and off since friday ...

XBL and PSn have really been slacking this gen. XBL party chat and friends list is down almost once every week and PSN has scheduled maintenence for a whole day every 2-3 weeks and is down 2-3 days a month. Also, poor 369 owners seem to go diwn often too now, XBL on 360 was down for a few hours this weekend as well.

Both services ran better last gen, at this rate they just both need to be free.

Transistor1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

They seem to go down more often, but they always seem to be fixed quickly. It doesn't affect me much as I don't exclusively play multiplayer games, I usually have a single player game on the go and I'll just play that.

But I do feel bad for 369 owners too.


Rimeskeem1222d ago

Xbox live is down for a day

"They got it up very quickly"

Psn is down for a day

"About time"


Relientk771222d ago

Didn't even know it was down lol

Everytime I turned the console on it signed me in like usual

Aceman181222d ago

Same here I was able to play my games.

RAM0N 1222d ago

Its been fine it for me

NWOslave1222d ago

the only problem i had was a forced password change for my account. other than that ive been rocking mw3.

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The story is too old to be commented.