Kombo E3 2008: Prince of Persia Impressions

This game is absolutely gorgeous. The screenshots you've seen don't do justice to the game in motion. This is cell-shading for the next generation, incredibly stylish and insanely detailed, right down to facial expressions that are every bit as convincing and powerful, if not more so, than their bump-mapped counter-parts. Instead of pixilation and clipping, close-ups reveal even greater detail, patterns and texture on the Prince's clothing, etchings in his weaponry, scruff on his chin. Pull the camera back and the details naturally fade out, bringing greater attention and appreciation for the color and form of the characters and the environment on-screen. Particle and lighting effects complete the picture, with rolling clouds of dust, explosions of sparks from colliding weapons and grinding rock, and soft glowing hues from magic. It's when the game starts to move that the magic really starts though, the environment dynamically lit and shadowed in real-time, clothing flying in the wind, the Prince's female compatriot Elka bounding behind him, even grabbing onto him in context-sensitive animations. You have never seen a game that looks like this.

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Dragonopolis3771d ago

First buy for me, along with Naruto on my PS3 this year.

Cell shading was a novelty back on the Gamecube and didn't shine very well on the Xbox or PS2. O.K. looking but not quite there.

Next Gen Platforms have really brought out the Potential of Cel-shaded graphics, especially with the innovative ways developers are integrating control schemes and camera angles right along with it.

Just want to show my support so more games will come out in these types of artform.

Thankfully, these games look to play as good as they look...

So support will be easier this time around.