Project CARS Review | GES

GES Writes: "Project CARS brings a slightly different kind of approach to other games in the racing genre. Instead of offering you to unlock parts, tracks, modes and cars as you progress in the game in Project CARS you have everything from the get go.

The reason Slightly Mad Studios did this was to offer the gamer/racer to start where they want to start and then you can go and experience the other types of races as well. The Career mode is about your character making a name in the racing scene but not through a story but rather contracts with racing teams. So you can start racing at the top tier with concept cars or at the very beginning with Karts or as I did git the GT modes. It is quite unique in a game to offer you where you want to start and if you even want to play other types of modes. You can also play online or offline which ever you choose and apart from the career mode you can do some practice races or even build your own championship choosing the tracks, types of cars and modes of racing. The final mode puts you against other racers in a time trial battle where you all race the same track in the same car trying to have the best time."

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