Review of Bloodborne following the 1.03 patch update - Game Idealist

Game Idealist's review of Bloodborne following the 1.03 patch, which reduced the load times in the PlayStation 4 exclusive RPG.

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breakpad1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

while it corrected the loading times ...1.03 created a bug /glitch in character customization options (the camera zooms in and out with every moving of any cursor )

WildArmed1284d ago

But on the bright side, the character customizations actually work now lol

I remember making 4-5 characters on launch day and no matter what physique I picked, it would always be the same

DemonSlayer4201284d ago

It's one of the most addictive adventure games I have ever played.

MasterCornholio1284d ago

The last patch helped the load times a lot. The framerate seems better to me as well.

Amazing game.

ZaWarudo1284d ago

IGN should do the same since one of their complaints was the loading time.

IGN did updated a review score before. The same should apply to every game that updates/patches issues that effected a review score.

WildArmed1284d ago

Agreed, it's not like the whole IGN staff isn't still playing BB.

Everyone is playing BB <3

Why o why1284d ago

There has to be some kind of time frame or limit to the revised reviews. A small studio may take longer than a larger studio to fix bugs so how long do you allow. I do believe the concept makes sense. Some patches really do affect the enjoyment so the scores should reflect that

admiralvic1284d ago

"The same should apply to every game that updates/patches issues that effected a review score."

I know I will get a bunch of disagrees, but I never understood why people want this or think people should do it.

You only get one chance to make a first impression and even if every outlet rereviews a game like Destiny, I doubt that will change peoples impression of the game. It also projects the idea that it's okay to release broken/shoddy products, since they can simply fix it later and get high review scores or improve their rating without any real penalty. Plus a lot of times they can't even correct central or key issues anyway. Like how many points off is someone going to take for something like loading time anyway? I mean, Bloodborne has a metacritic average of 92/100, so is a 93, 94, 95 or even 96 make THAT much of a difference in the grand scheme of things?

Finally, did you even stop to consider how much extra work it would take outlets to do this and how low the returns will be? Even if you just strike existing text, added new text and used that, it would still take time to rewrite, reword, edit, and play the game for reviews that really only exist for the fans.

Going back to Destiny, who would really care about a Destiny rereview anyway? The people who opted out based off early impressions or the fans that think it's great? Logically the fans who opted out will either continue to do so or hear in passing that things are better and support it, so really you're just giving fans what they want. More praise for a product they think is great.

I really could rant about this all day, but I just don't see why anyone cares about rereviews (I only clicked on this article to read the comments) or think that minor point differences and slightly kinder words makes that much of a difference when the general opinion is already formed.

Ahytys1284d ago

Too long to read to disagree

Kingscorpion711284d ago

It's a great game regardless of the load times! I had a blast playing the best PS4 game so far!

killacal131284d ago

Bloodborne is beast,one of my favorite games of all time.

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The story is too old to be commented.