What Is Sony’s Big Surprise For E3 2015 And What We Would Like To See

Sony has teased some great stuff for E3 2015 but what will be the big reveal? Skewed and Reviewed look at some of the things they think we will see and want to see as well as speculate as to what is to come.

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Relientk771227d ago

Crash Bandicoot
Legend of Dragoon 2
Syphon Filter

Garethvk1227d ago

Cannot disagree with any on that list. Us it time for a new All Star Rumble?

breakpad1227d ago

i hope NOT another GoW ...the series is dead and mediocre..let it that way

remixx1161227d ago

Yet im sure you would love another halo gears forza trio aye breakpad??

inveni01227d ago

They are making a new God of War, breakpad. But you can avoid playing it by not purchasing it. Otherwise, let millions of people play the kinds of games they like without being dictated by your tyrannical viewpoint.

maniacmayhem1227d ago

I would love a new Tenchu game.

nucky641227d ago

demon souls 2!!!!!!!!!!

Agent_00_Revan1227d ago

Nice thought, but to early. Bloodborne just released.

RpgSama1227d ago

I'm going to be the one to say it, The Last Guardian (I SURE HOPE SO and sorry).

DragoonsScaleLegends1227d ago

I would love to see a new MediEvil or remake of the original. The Legend of Dragoon and Ape Escape too.

Xer0_SiN1227d ago

i know the idea is probably played out already, but if sony acquired a few of konamis ips, or perhaps even kojima to head up a studio. that would be excellent news.

Tdmd1226d ago

If Sony acquired MGS, this would be the most exciting E3 I'd have ever seen.

Azzanation1226d ago

Apart from Crash Bandicoot (Highly doubtful) and Medievil which is a game I enjoyed on my PS1. Everything else you mention isn't anything special. Come on Syphon Filter? That franchise was a train wreck.

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user74029311227d ago

The barbarian slayer ps4 exclusive

THC CELL1227d ago

Rest of us would be good or p.t reannounced

SaveFerris1227d ago

The Last Guardian
Shenmue 1&2 HD
The Getaway

Concertoine1227d ago

I kind of want a new Siren. Sonys most underrated series imo.

RpgSama1227d ago

A new Silent Hill by the team that made Siren (screw you Konami), NOW THAT would be something else in the horror department.

Concertoine1227d ago

The director of Siren is also the director of SH1. A lot of the talent that went into SH 1-3 worked on the Siren games, actually.

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