Legend of Kay Anniversary now outputs at 1080p on Wii U

NE: "A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to interview the developer behind Legend of Kay Anniversary. One of the things Peter Thierolf from Kaiko confirmed to us at the time was that it was running at 720p on Wii U. But with some extra development, the game’s resolution has increased."

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Maybay1312d ago

"Legend of Kay Anniversary still runs at 60 frames per second, and features full screen anti-aliasing."

Keep in mind that it's originally a PS2 game, though it is encouraging how efficient the Wii U is.

The Wii U and its exotic hardware, should prove to people that it isn't so underpowered as they have come to believe.

eyeofcore1312d ago

It is not a simple port of PlayStation 2 version, most of the assets are redone except for the geometry of the levels if I remember correctly, higher quality textures and assets, higher quality rendering and what not.

Ports and remasters don't have a lot of people working on them and the game isn't selling for a full price, it is very cheap remaster so budget isn't high except if they are not doing it for the profit, but as a celebration of their game.

Wii U's hardware isn't as exotic as Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 which gives developers/programmers headache, only issue why 3rd party ports ran poorly because they ported builds of games that were tailored for Xbox 360 and/or PlayStation 3 thus didn't take of the hardware.

If they had enough time to use tiling for the usage of eDRAM then they would have been able to render it at native 1920 by 1080 pixels though that takes time and effort to achieve it.

Would't be surprised for what kind of game Legend Of Kay is that they use System RAM as both RAM for the game and main framebuffer to render it at much higher resolution then downsample it and render it in GPU's eDRAM to finally output it on screen.

Okami remaster for PS3 was done by Hexadrive and was rendered internally at 4K (120FPS?) then downsampled to 1K/Full HD/1920x1080P 60FPS so it had extremely smooth look once displayed.

Maybay1312d ago

Interesting, and well said.

badz1491311d ago

What a misleading title. It's 900p native, not 1080p.

carreirabr1311d ago

Incoming XBoxOne version confirmed?

3-4-51311d ago

might have to check this out. any good?

Maybay1311d ago

Never played it. You might want to checkout some youtube footage to get an idea if you're interested.

Shnazzyone1312d ago

wow... I do not remember this game at all.

badz1491311d ago

It finally rang a bell to me too. I remember playing original on PS2 many years ago but didn't finish it. I think it's a good game though. Although it's kinda strange they are remaking it for the Wii U instead of the more popular PS4 or even the Xbone.

But seriously, more of this kind of game is needed in this industry that is lately so drowned with FPS and RPG. I hope this will also come to the othr consoles.

1311d ago
Germany71312d ago

When the game will be released? I thought it was this month, but on Amazon it's saying June.

NobleRed1311d ago

Since when are 1600*900 1080P??

ZainreFang1311d ago

It's not. But it outputs at 1080p which implies upscaling.

deathtok1311d ago

The developer said they're rendering at 900p and outputting at 1080p. Where is the confusion?

Svinya1311d ago

Um, so it's being upscaled to 1080p...just like every other non 1080p native game on the WiiU....hooray? Every 1080p tv does that as well..

TheColbertinator1311d ago

Wonder how this PS2 game out of all others got a remake. I've only seen twice in bargain bins

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